5 Makeup Hacks for that Dewy Glow!

5 Makeup Hacks for that Dewy look!

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  1. Miss the days when you did not do sponsored vids. No doubt they're great but nowadays watching vid to get a natural glow on hair is always about getting that product first . There are no candid talking or discussion just get this product to fix the problem you came here for. Not all of us can afford it prachi

  2. Hi prachi di.💜 Can you please do a review of purple recently launched colourfull loose powder 💜

  3. Hey Prachi, I really need your opinion on something. I know you're taking a break from smile with prachi but I really need your help. I've been dating my bf for last 9.5 years and it's a wonderful relationship. He's an amazing person. But he's not comfortable with me wearing clothes in which 1.5 inch of my cleavage is showing. I sure as hell won't be allowed that after marrige. The thing is I'm completely fine with showing a lil bit and feeling good about myself. I want to dress sexy sometimes regardless of other people's opinions. Or sometimes it's just a matter of comfort when it's so hot and humid outside. We had a fight 2 days ago in which he said men and women are built differently and if you wear clothes like this they will excite men implying I should stop doing that since men can't control themselves. Then he kept on saying the wrong things (some he doesn't even believe in just to hurt me in the fight or to make his point?) I love him so much. 10 years! I broke up with him for a few months and might break up completely later. I'm a feminist and the woman in me who's been hearing this shit all her life and had been hurt by my own late father, uncle and brother all my life can't take this shit from my bf as well. But the gf in me who's madly in love is crying and regretting everything. He told me that he understands now and he'll change bcz I know he truly respects women, but a few seeds of patriarchy that were there in his mind were driving him to those conclusions. Should I believe him? Is that risk worth taking? Am I wrong to break up a 10 years old loving relationship just bcz of 1 fight? I really need some perspective! I'm depressed.

  4. Plz make a video for bridal makeup with contact lenses…..
    A a good contact lens for long duration…..for bride….
    Humble request PlZ 🙏
    Plz plz plz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Really missing your smile with prachi videos.. When will it start again? ☹️

  6. Prachi what do you do to maintain your body weight… Which product can I use to reduce weight… Tell me about keto essential body weight loss product

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