5 Poisonous Foods That Can Kill You

There are foods that are healthy, and there are foods that are unhealthy but then there are some daily foods that are extremely toxic for the body. In this video, I am going to share with you 5 common foods, backed by both Ayurveda and Modern science which are so poisonous that they can make you seriously ill or can even be deadly.

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5 Healthy Foods That can actually be deadly for the Body.

00:46 – #5 Bottle Gourd – When we think of the healthiest vegetables, Lauki crosses the mind. But at times, bottle gourd can be poisonous to the body. Know how?
02:22 – #4 Potatoes – No matter which part of India you live in, potato is something you will always find in our kitchens. And why not? They are versatile. But beware! Next time you eat potatoes, do check this.
03:50 – #3 Curd – Not just tasty, curd is strength-giving and promotes digestion. However, there are times when the curd formed is channel clogging for the body. Checkout when?
04:37 – #2 Almonds – We all know how healthy almonds are. But if you are eating these almonds, for whatever reason, stop.
05:47 – #1 Honey – Honey is healthy but if you are consuming honey like this then it can make you seriously ill.

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