5 TIPS for small streamers

After taking the first steps into livestreaming you can find yourself asking “What now?” Here are 5 tips to keep you going, either its on Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Facebook, etc… There 5 tips will help you improve your livestreams.


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Check out Jempanada’s blog for 5 more tips: https://jempanada.com/2018/08/5-unique-twitch-tips-to-become-a-twitch-streamer/



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23 Replies to “5 TIPS for small streamers”

  1. Great tip, I hid my viewer count many years ago. It messes with your mental when your live.

  2. Finally started and I completely forgot about networking, I used to be so active in other peoples streams now I don’t even think about being active and connecting with people 🤦🏾‍♂️ I know I’m late but you are providing a lot of game!!!!!

  3. I agree w/ the bonus. As streamers, we are not actually here to bend to the will of the people. While we are here to entertain, we are not here to do whatever whenever they want. We are in control of our own content and stream. We set the boundaries. So, be it saying a certain phrase, wearing particular clothes, playing a particular game… We are in charge. It is every streamer's job to decide what they want the culture of their streaming community to be, and to build that. I don't mean that we don't want viewers, or that we should never ever play with a viewer when they want to play a game. I do mean that we are in charge of the tone and pace, the content and culture of the stream. If we foster a culture that respects our own boundaries, then people will come to see the content we actually want to share.

    This was my fave piece of advice you shared. Thank you for saying it, because it needed to be said. I've seen too many small streamers do demeaning things they wouldn't do/say if they weren't worried about keeping their audience. It's uncomfortable to watch people do things they don't really feel comfortable doing, so I unfollow and leave their stream in an effort to let them know that actual viewers who think they should care about themselves don't support those boundary breaking practices.

    Also, I think I'll start taking your advice about not going afk for 10 mins. at the time. Maybe I'll stop and start a new stream, if I need a break for that long.

    Thanks again.

  4. Wow look at you 3 years ago and now. You have grown so much. Good content then. But now in 2021 you flow.

  5. YOur channel is amazing. Great content. You appear to be a great guy. COngratulations!

  6. Just found out about you today but I'm loving your content ! I'm still very new but thank you for giving me tyhe knowledge for twitch !

  7. I made the mistake of thinking I’m talking too much and shut down, but now I think to myself it’s MY STREAM why do I think I can’t talk? 😂😂

  8. I watch a small streamer plz go help him out his name is jownzi_ and his viewers will be like 3 or 5 or 10 at most and his chat is just full

  9. Unfortunately as a console streamer on Xbox I can't hide it on my actual TV screen, that I'm aware of. So working on focusing on the game, self talk, and after getting comfortable with self talk working out a schedule. Considering the first couple months like a primer and practice with focus on enjoying the game/self talk. Honestly even before dabbling with streaming as a viewer been more interested in game play, some chat yea but I don't really watch any one that's just chat personally.
    Appreciate the vids dude 🤙

  10. Ok now what if you only have 1 viewer and the viewer is my grandma sleepin and doesn't know where she is

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