5 Wardrobe Essentials for Stylish Summer Outfits

I’m sharing 5 wardrobe essentials you’ll need in your closet this summer to create the most stylish outfits. Make sure you have these summer closet essentials because the heat is coming! Links below and in the first comment… ~ xoxx, Kay

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white linen pants: https://rstyle.me/+o5ofdfxN2lZXVEwdn9C6oA
white linen blazer: https://rstyle.me/+dSALHNs6hu5zGAuRXzBhTw
earrings: https://rstyle.me/+-Trdv5HsvQQdCBEVKFN4_A
wedge heel sandals: https://rstyle.me/+sy3pCgZym7c9TpXrNxmSRg

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My Linen Pants –
Tommy Bahama gathered pants: https://rstyle.me/+z9x-ovOoAXqDEwEEcPXtUQ
Full length trousers: https://rstyle.me/+akjcaMNbiBwUM6RZjNXVIw

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My Linen Shorts: https://rstyle.me/+jnEDGYoNy-XxusZxHNqTEg
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My Sandals: https://rstyle.me/+8fq2QRam83F0pIjmFaFt6Q

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19 Replies to “5 Wardrobe Essentials for Stylish Summer Outfits”

  1. Love linen here in Florida. Just bought some Tommy Bahama linen shorts. So cute.

  2. Great video! Instead of skirts I wear skorts of various lengths – feel more comfy in them

  3. I wear mostly skirts and dresses, especially in summer, but if I do wear trousers, linen ones are definitely what I wear. I find skirts/dresses infinitely more comfortable than trousers, which are nearly impossible for me to find a decent fit in. I’m always amazed to see so many women in tight jeans when it’s over 100F outside, I don’t know how they can stand it. I love all the pieces you styled here, Kay. I have Summer coloring and definitely prefer light neutrals and cool pastels.

  4. Hi Kay! Thanks for all your insiration. What do you think about skorts this season?

  5. I am loving linen and gauze this year. My temps haven't been consistently high enough to use them yet, and I am getting impatient! I want to wear the new pieces I bought this season.

  6. Great suggestions. I love the wider ribbing on the tank too. I wish makers of linen pants would stop with those wide elastic waists. They are HOT. Our climate is getting hotter. The best linen shorts I bought a few decades ago just had a drawstring with a small bit of thin elastic on the back only. They were so refreshing to wear in the heat of summer.

  7. Nice video. I like the J. Jill linen button up blouse. I ordered a white one a couple of years ago in a medium and it was too big. I just ordered the Blue striped one in small. I have a question Where did you get the flower tops or sweater You show where in your video? It is so pretty on you., didn't list it. Have a great day

  8. Ironically, earlier this week, I ordered two mini-stripe tanks from Talbots and an eyelet edged white one from Chicos. Felt that was a hole in my wardrobe, not knowing they are much in style! I also have a bunch of J Jill linen shirts from a few years ago… and have several linen wide legged linen pants. Live in these all summer. Thanks for this fashion confidence builder!

  9. Linen is a beautiful fabric!
    Just purchased some linen clothes on market in Italy.
    Linen viscose blends are also wonderful to wear.
    This feels less" scratchy "to me …
    Linen looks absolutely beautiful in every colour!
    Thanks for good tips.

  10. Now I want to go find new tank tops. I have two already but the pastel pink is so cute. Thanks for your video.

  11. I love the vibrant lavender color that's around this year! Like your top, and some of the ones I've seen are even more saturated. Riveting.

  12. Hi Kay, I have never been a linen lover due to the wrinkling, what material do oyou recommend , I live in florida.

  13. You inspired me to add those neutral linens for summer, and I am loving them. Comfy and fashionable at the same time. Looking at your items today, I am all set. Thank you!

  14. Good morning, Kay. Yes, we have summer temperatures here in Phoenix, AZ. Linen is always my go to for these sweltering days. For those who are searching for a pair of black linen trousers, Banana Republic offers a lovely choice. I love your lavender tank. Have a lovely week.

  15. As always, spot on! Thank you Kay for another great video. I love that you mention the stores where you have purchased items you share. Love the Kohl’s white short sleeved V neck T. Such a great piece. Keep on stylin’!

  16. Hopefully a helping comment – in the first pic , the outlines of front & back pockets are very visible against the " darker appearing " under undergarment ( panties ) . It may be the video lighting but I have not bo't certain white pants because of this or chosen a heavier / different fabric . Other Summer outfits look great – nice variety !

  17. Good day kay.stay safe always.enjoying watching your videos .God bless always.

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