50 volume developer! Will it melt your hair off?… Let’s try it.

Hi Beautiful! I had zero idea that there was 50 volume developer but when I saw it I knew I needed to buy it and test it. The results were shocking.

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13 Replies to “50 volume developer! Will it melt your hair off?… Let’s try it.”

  1. Mabey a different hair type like Asian or Afro would respond different I dunno im no hair dresser I know my hairdressers say my hair is stupidly stubborn for dye it is an ass to get it to take

  2. My salon used 50 volume on my hair to lift it from black to blonde

  3. No bs my local beauty supply used to carry developer all the way up to 70 volume. Purchased the 60 volume as an experimental teenager and lost most of my hair in the process lol

  4. you should try and use 50 vol on rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rllly rlly dark hair

  5. Brad….I use to work at Sally Beauty and you have to have you hair license to buy 50v! Dont need it for the others though. Hunters would have their hair stylist wives come in and buy 50v to bleach the bones of animals they would hunt! Use that as a nice reference when explaining the potency of 50v to people!

  6. Prediction: Inthink both will work with SLIGHT to no breakage for 50V. I also think both scents will kill Brad 😀

    Answer: kinda correct 🤷‍♀️

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