#527 How Can This Much Work Be So Much Fun? Clear Red Oak on the Woodmizer LX 150

This morning I fired up the Woodmizer LX 150 and sawed a Beautiful Clear Red Oak Log, Did hit one nail but no worries. Also Started using the RK 37 Compact Tractor and Granite Grapple to Turn Logs and it works great.

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Equipment that we use on the Property:
RK 24 Subcompact Tractor Loader, Backhoe & 54″ Granite Grapple
RK 37 Compact Tractor With Loader and 72″ Granite Grapple
RK 55 Compact Tractor With Loader
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter
Black Diamond 22 ton Log Splitter
RK by King Kutter 1.5 Ton Dump Trailer

Brush Hogs
Box Blade
Land Plane
Post Hole Digger

27 Replies to “#527 How Can This Much Work Be So Much Fun? Clear Red Oak on the Woodmizer LX 150”

  1. Mike I think that it's great that Melissa helps you with all that she does, takes care of Hunter, while you are out doing all that you do

  2. Couldn't have said it better Mike. Melissa is a heck of a wife she does way more in the woods than many.

  3. Just fyi, if you ever saw for someone that brings you logs, you want to invest in a handheld metal detector to check for nails, ect, because I know the blades are expensive. I have a friend that owns a LT 40 (I believe thats the number) and he ruined some blades when he first started sawing!

  4. mike i have a friend that owns a cabinet shop he has a guy that comes and gets the sawdust from the shop to put on the trails in his woods keeps tne under growth down and makes nice paths no mud

  5. mike you could switch pieces between the maple and the cherry would look tollay log cabin look

  6. So, I saw you moving the log with the tractor and it got me thinking, I bet that a electric I-beam hoist would be great in the building you make for the woodmizer. Maybe even mount a atv winch from the trolley and use the battery off the engine of the sawmill to run it if you don't plan on running power to the building. Although, I don't know if it would be safe to use a atv winch, so maybe not. Just a thought…

  7. I love watching you cut wood,it made me get out my chin saw. . Keep up the good work.

  8. Amen Mike your wife is a very special person as you are to stick up for your wife. that guy who commented on your wife will never know melissa as with what she does because he will never have a wife like your wife. don't be disheartened with trash as we the people watching will stand behind you both all the way with your endeavours.

  9. Thank you for sharing the video. You sure did get some beautiful lumber from the oak.

  10. Wood Mizar wow. You just found you ran over a nail. Do you some day sharpen the blade? I see other chaps that have seen replaced after hitting some large spike. Robert Galbraith k2zb@arrl.net

  11. How do you like the this sawmill why do you choose this one over the competition. Enjoyed your demonstration. Thanks

  12. She made me feel bad just because she didn’t miss the head of the bolt with the hammer like I would have. Especially when you have been swinging for that long. GO CROSSFIT!!!

  13. I have a RK 55 been waiting 4 MONTHS on parts one year old setting in barn MIKE you need to tell the viewers

  14. 128 board feet. I wish my wife worked that hard. Most girls couldn’t even hit the bolt. Go Melissa!!!

  15. Would love for you to share/remember how much this oak shrinks as it dry's. You are cutting it "over sized" for a reason. Great vids, love the outdoors theme, great property and tools to do what you all love.

  16. Mike awesome video! Boards look good. My dream one day is to have a sawmill on my homestead and mill all the timber I need to build a garage! Thanks for sharing another awesome video!

  17. I did see the comments saying the bolt holes are too small, hammer to light. Everyone's a critic, who cares! Taylor Swift said it best, "Shake It off" As far as I'm concerned, you're doing it, a dream come true, It's not for everybody!

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