6 Simple Exercises to Lose Weight Without Diets

Do you want to lose weight but the number on the scale isn’t changing? Or do you suffer from face puffiness, body swelling, skin problems, and cellulite? These symptoms may be the signs that the lymphatic system is not functioning properly. It can be compared with a pump that is constantly moving: if it doesn’t work and lymph circulates more slowly, toxins start to accumulate in the body, and the internal organs are affected by the unnecessary stress.

To improve the circulation of lymph, lose weight, and feel better, follow these simple rules: be more active, increase your water intake, try this simple lymphatic drainage massage, and do these exercises. They can boost your lymph circulation. It’ll be especially beneficial for people who currently have a low level of physical activity.

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Clavicle area massage 1:33
Shoulder shrugs 2:08
Feet rolling 2:40
Solar plexus area massage 3:05
“Japanese vibration” exercise 3:40
“The frog” exercise 4:11
Crunches 4:34
Jumping jacks 5:01
Lymphatic face massage 5:33

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– If you’re pregnant, suffer from cancer, have inflammation in your body or blood clots in your legs, lymphatic stimulation is definitely not for you. People with lymphatic gland inflammation and lymphadenopathy should also avoid these techniques.
– Lie on your back on a completely flat surface. Cross your arms over your chest, so that the fingers of your left hand would be under your right clavicle and the fingers of your right hand would be under the left one. From here raise your elbows and gently apply a little pressure to these areas with your fingers.
– Stand up or sit down in a comfortable position (keeping your back straight, though). Inhale and draw both of your shoulders all the way up toward your ears. Hold in for a second and exhale, lowering your shoulders back into the starting position. Do it about 15 times.
– Stand up straight with your feet parallel to each other. Get up on your toes and freeze in this position for a sec. Then return to the initial position and roll right back on your heels.
– For this massage you can either stand up or sit down, keeping your back straight. Keep the thumbs and forefingers of both hands together. From this position inhale and put your fingers on the point under your ribs in your solar plexus area. Round your back, press the point, and exhale.
– For “Japanese vibration” you have to lie on your back on a flat surface once again. This time, though, raise your arms and legs up in the air, slightly bending your legs. Your job is to shake them all at the same time and try to relax your limbs in the process.
– Sit down on a flat surface, bend your legs, and make your feet touch each other. Put your hands on your knees and push them quickly to make them bounce.
– Lie on your back on a flat surface, keeping your legs straight. Inhale, bend your legs, try to bring them closer to your chest, and exhale before returning to the initial position.
– To do a jumping jack you have to stand still, keeping your feet together and your arms by your sides. From this position jump up, spreading your legs to about shoulder-width apart and stretching your arms out and over your head.

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  1. My bones is a machine i have 8 ABS as a kid im 10 and when I spans my bones is just robot I loss 30 pounds

  2. Who else doesnt have a room and does exercises at the bathroom so parents wouldnt know

    Only me? Oof

  3. Did is like when someone has the perfect body for something you wanna do and they don't want to and you are like just give me your body then

  4. I want to loose weight!!!It's urgent!!And I am trying all the exercise video I can find!!!????????????????????

  5. Not only exercise. But diet is also very important for weightloss. As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise.

  6. Most of these are already in yoga.. These are all really good for your body, but I don't think you will be losing weight unless you change what you are eating!
    Good luck everyone. ????

  7. I have a question, if one has varicose veins (just started spreading) and spots on feet, can one do these exercises? If not. Suggest exercises for them to clear lymph nodes. It is urgent, please reply.

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