7 Crops You Can Still Plant In July!

Here are 7 crops that you can still plant in July so you can be harvesting all the way up to your first fall frost!

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23 Replies to “7 Crops You Can Still Plant In July!”

  1. I love Tuck and your channel. We just lost our sweet 13 year old pug mix that was devoted to my husband. He is buried underneath our fig tree that produces no figs. No matter the heartbreak they are worth our devotion to them.

  2. Congrats on 1M!! That’s an amazing achievement. I hope you show us the fancy play button when yo get it😊Hello from Nova Scotia, I really enjoy your enthusiasm and knowledge.

  3. Been watching you for yrs from Missouri. My husband is now a fan, too! Congrats on you million subs❗️I will now have to go look for that video.

  4. James where can I get the same shade cloth that you showed in this video❓

  5. Hello James and Tuck. I found that a gentle sprinkle of grass clippings over carrot seed is actually better than the board for people that forget to check the board — oops. It's enough to help retain moisture and stop seeds from getting washed away but light enough that the carrots can still poke through.

  6. I love to grab a fresh carrot from the garden and chomp on it as I’m doing chores in the garden, it’s the best! It’s winter now where I live and they are so sweet and delicious right now yum 🤤

  7. James & Tuck, can you do a video on making pole beans produce more. Mine (Ky Wonder) just keep growing up, and I've not really ever gotten the bean harvest that I think I should get. I follow the spacing, and get great green growth but few beans. I plant them here in NC around the 15th of May. Maybe I'm planting too late? Do you ever "top" them? Thanks for sharing, and God bless!

  8. For me this could be called "7 plants you planted earlier that died, never sprouted, or got stunted and are still little seedlings"

  9. Thank you for all the good information. I started some of my perennial flowers in July to plant later in the season. I live in Zone 4 so is very short growing season. I did start a second crop of beets and turnips for fall this month.

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  11. Tuck makes my day 😀 and your videos are very inspiring. Thank you!

  12. would love to see some overhead footage of your suburban homestead to get a better perspective on the placement and density of your perennial and annual elements!

  13. Another helpful video. Great ideas for us all to keep our gardens growing! Thanks again. Can’t wait for your next video. Also, Congratulations on 1M subscribers!! 🙌 🙌

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