7 FREE Tricks to Grow Food With Limited Compost

Today’s video features 7 ways to overcome the challenge of not having enough compost for growing food, and if you apply all of these 7 methods together you may be able to completely remove the need for compost at all, but that is a more complex idea I will explore at a later date. For now, I really hope this video gives you some tools and tips to allow you to still grow food successfully in the short-term if you ever run out of compost or feel like your plants need something a little extra. Thank you so much for watching!

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18 Replies to “7 FREE Tricks to Grow Food With Limited Compost”

  1. I grow carrots only in raised beds because my clay soil is too heavy for them, so Huw's ideas on meeting the plants with the available soil is reassuring.

  2. Hi Huw, watching you all the way from Western Australia. Just wondering, your fertiliser barrels I see have lids on. I thought you had to let the mixture breathe? I would prefer to have a lid on them, but just wanted to check with you. Thank you.

  3. I started using grass clippings more. They work great however, one drawback for me is cats are very interested in the grass mulch. 😂

  4. Since watching your videos, I also do drop and chop and grass clipping but have to be careful to do it thinly as I have a slug problem. Also made a fertiliser with grass clippings. I also use comfrey a lot.

  5. Hey mate, are you sure Jadam is actually doing anything? I tried it a while ago and honestly didn’t find any noticeable difference in plant yield or health… maybe you can do an experiment comparison … cheers

  6. Przydałyby się napisy w różnych językach…super kanał, dużo wartościowych informacji

  7. Love your channel, Huw. It always makes me want to go back to my own garden as soon as possible. I’m fascinated about the jadam fertilizers. Do you know of any trials being done, to compare growth of plants with and without the help of these home-made fertilizers (or perhaps you’ve done some comparison trials yourself)?

  8. Love your videos but haven't seen any updates on PROJECT LEAC? is there some other place I should be looking?

  9. Huw ,where did you get them blue barrel from?Will it safe to use used barrel that had be used for cloths dye?

  10. Better to make some KNF with that comfrey. Best way to use that plant.

  11. Agree on the grass clippings. A 10 to 20 centimetre layer has been broken down and put to good use in about a month. The brassicas are growing like crazy!

  12. Doesn't grass clippings first need to be dried a little before application as mulch?

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