7 Signs You Are Emotionally Mature

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Emotional maturity creates strength and resilience in the face of life’s obstacles, but pinning down what emotional maturity looks like and how it’s developed can be hard to do.

In this video we’re going to cover 7 specific signs that you’re emotionally mature, and if not, 7 things you can do to begin working on it.

Animation by Zeino:


0:16 – #1: Emotionally mature people do not demonize exes.
0:48 – #2: Recognize that they contribute to bad experience.
1:43 – #3: Do not take responsibility for other people’s feelings.
2:38 – #4: Get angry, sad and anxious.
3:27 – #5: Don’t need to dwell or wallow.
4:02 – #6: Can speak about emotions without getting emotional.
4:31 – #7: Can pause.

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27 Replies to “7 Signs You Are Emotionally Mature”

  1. im just here to see if i am mature , so far i am . im might not have some of these things but i know that i am mature .

  2. Hmm the 1st one though.. i don't demonize my ex but it's the truth he was an abusive husband and i do mention my ex to my current relationship it's kinda how i deal with my past in a way is to share my vulnerable side i guess it was bad to do that.. i was silent through out my ex's abusive ways so me venting about what happened to me was part of my therapy of getting over it

  3. Only recently started saying "I'm not okay" when I'm feeling down. It helps quite a bit, then I nitpick why I feel down in the first place, which sometimes doesn't make sense. Like having someone yell at me. Idk why but that really upsets me.

  4. Finally, someone who gives a solution to a problem that they state instead of just telling them what their problem is and just saying oh well thank you so much at least somebody has some brains on YouTube

  5. I’m just wondering if I’ve got you correct and if you’re just saying something politically correct to keep from being mean and expressing an honest truth,?… So if I only date a tractive people, and I’m not that attractive and they end up cheating on me does that mean I should settle am I the calm denominator that I only attract or in the tractor to people that are easy on the eyes?. Should I sell for someone that my Dog. Would not lick to save it’s life is that what you’re saying

  6. I found that most of the time, trying to help a person find a solution to a problem, even if it means saying something they might not like, works more than just being an empath and doing nothing.

  7. To me the topic should be, Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI has been well established for decades, and covers all the points in the video in a much more complete way. Embracing EI will modify behaviors.

  8. This was a great video! (Also, is it just me or does the narrator kind of sound like Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds?) ❤️👍

  9. I really enjoyed this video but it was really really fast, like you were in a hurry while reading the text. There could have been some pauses at least between the signs

  10. i blocked all my exes out of my life.
    i don't feel anything towards them and wish them the best, but i know it's easier for both to move on this way.
    dumped my last girlfriend cause she snaped with her ex all the time and lied about it, she was "emotionally mature" according to this.

  11. 3:10 i'm sorry, did this guy just imply that people who are depressed are emotionally immature?
    this channel is skeevy as hell

  12. Oh so im definitely missing the part of not crying while problem solving :/
    Have to work on that

  13. When not dwelling in victimization, know that you get to feel like a victim when you are processing an experience where you were victimized. But it is what mentality we use going forward after that processing which tells us if we are using it as a crutch or not

  14. This advice does need to be taken carefully when in an abusive though. It is ok to see how awful a person was to you and abusers often try to make us feel to blame for their abuse, so don't take responsibility for things which are not yours

  15. Great video!! Coming from an abusive relationship and dealing with mental health issues, I can’t be agreeing more with this content 💜💙💖 On my road to recovery and healing and hopefully inspiring others along the way 🌸

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