There isn’t a better time to start thinking about getting in shape than the beginning of a new year, is there? We’ve all made promises to ourselves, and it’s high time we tried to stay true to our word. And Bright Side is here to help you with your choice of exercises that will help you get rid of excess weight quickly.

You don’t have to go to the gym or buy any special equipment — all you need is 10 minutes a day! There is a bonus at the end of the video – a four-week plan that will transform you into a fitness star in just a month. Don’t miss it! And don’t forget you should always combine these with a healthy diet!

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Plank 0:23
Push-ups 0:57
Toning your thigh and bottom muscles 1:19
Squats 1:42
Ab exercises 2:14
Abs and buttocks 2:41
Waist 3:03
The four-week plan 3:26

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– A plank is a static exercise: you don’t need to move while doing it. Simply hold your body in the correct position. Prop yourself on your elbows, forearms, and forefeet.
– To do a correct push-up, assume the plank as the initial position, and then push yourself up with your arms. Keep your back, bottom, and legs in a straight line — this will strain your abs and your arms.
– First, prop yourself on your hands and knees. Then stretch one leg, trying to keep it straight and not letting it go to the side or bend while raising and stretching the opposite arm at the same time. After that, do the same for the other arm and leg.
– Squatting is all about balance. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and stand on the soles of your feet. Begin squatting as if slowly sitting down on a low imaginary chair. Your knees and feet should form a straight line. Pull the small of your back in as far as you can.
– Want to get a flat stomach fast? Lie on your back and stretch your arms up. Then slowly raise one of your legs, bent at the knee, and touch it with your hand. Return to the initial position and repeat with the other leg and arm.
– Prop yourself on your hands and feet so that your body forms a triangle above the floor. Raise one of your legs as high as you can, and then lower it slowly and try to touch the tip of your nose with your knee.
– To perform the last exercise, set your legs widely apart and slightly bend at the knees. Prop your back against the wall. Then lace your fingers or take a ball, and slowly move your hands from side to side, trying to touch the wall.

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  1. Bright side I thought there were two planks the one you showed and the other with your arms straight up and down I have my arms straight when I do a plank not the four arm and elbow one

  2. If knee pain interferes with your exercise, try the program in Bulletproof Your Knees at Amazon.

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  4. Slim body and light weight can do all that but how about obese, its need time and long suffering .

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  7. Hi. I’m going to try this and report how it goes.

    Current weight: 62

    Week 1:

    Weight: 59,9
    I’m very proud of the results!

  8. I am gonna start today!!! I wanna be slim like my freaking enemy 😤

    1 like one kg loose

  9. Thank you for showing me tomorrow morning I will copy the way you taught me

  10. I am balancing my diet,consuming lots of water too.I find since I am drinking ACV and lemon/lime water I have been consuming less.I do not eat at night,feel full.I drink AcV,exercise and sleep. better now.

  11. Did anybody else notice that they said "Exercise 3" twice..???????????????????

  12. anyone noticed that there is only one man picture in the entire video and all girl pictures

  13. This video has sparked my hope again. I pray everything goes exactly as planned without anyone else being hurt. And those precious children that have suffered so much be covered by the Love of the Lord. Knowing there are people there for them & they’ll never be hurt again.

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