9 Comics That Prove Women Actually Use Magic

Women are a mystery. They have no behavior patterns, and they alter everything around them wherever they appear. Maybe that’s due to the magic every woman unconsciously uses. And that’s what we at Bright Side are talking about in this video.

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They know everything about anything 0:09
They can manipulate space 0:27
Narnia can be found in their handbags 0:44
They can make a miracle out of thin air 1:11
There are several people living in each of them 1:26
Their multitasking abilities are legendary 1:38
They understand us almost without words 1:46
They transform the world with a flick of their wrist 2:01
And they can cure any disease 2:13

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11 Replies to “9 Comics That Prove Women Actually Use Magic”

  1. listen here buddy

    In this house we believe in gender equality and all genders use logic, the gender doesn't determine it, the person themself does

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