How to get a flat stomach? Seeing the results of your efforts is the key when you want to reach the ideal weight. Here are a few simple habits you need to change to help you wake up leaner and keep you motivated during the whole day. Your body will get in shape, and no hard workout or diets are needed!

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Eliminate yogurt 0:26
Remove Chinese food from your diet 0:58
Stop buying sugar-free chewing gum 1:53
Forget about energy bars 2:27
Take a cold shower before bed 3:07
Do 8 minutes of exercise 3:44
Avoid dried fruits 4:46
Start your day with a delicious breakfast 5:19
Make your own natural smoothies 5:56

– Although yogurt is known to be an essential part of a healthy diet, a lot of yogurts contain high levels of added sugars. Moreover, they contain lactose, a natural sugar that is often difficult to digest for humans.
– Despite being delicious, Chinese food usually contains large amounts of sodium. Therefore, eating Chinese food often leads to uncomfortable bloating.
– Studies show that sorbitol (it’s a sugar alcohol used in sugarless chewing gums) requires lots of time for its digestion. This favors the fermentation of bacteria, causing swelling and flatulence.
– Energy bars are processed food, and people who consume them gain more weight than those who don’t.
– A cold shower before bed is an excellent way to lower your body temperature and stimulate brown fat. This one is a fat tissue that consumes energy to raise your body temperature and help you burn more calories.
– Dried fruits can be a primary source of nutrients and fibers, but they are particularly high in fructose. If you have problems absorbing these sugars, it is very likely that they will cause swelling and gas.
– Butyric acid helps reduce inflammation in our body and improves insulin sensitivity. Oatmeal, dark chocolate, red fruits, nuts, and a little cinnamon for breakfast stimulates intestinal activity by increasing the levels of this acid.
– Try making shakes with natural ingredients such as spinach, seeds, almond milk, coconut oil, and fruits by yourself.

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  1. No way,how you prove that most of the Chinese with Chinese food everyday every meal are much slimmer than other nationalities

  2. you should said avoid american style Chinese food…….because real Chinese food is much healthier…..

  3. I was eating an apple with cinnamon for breakfast while watching this😂

  4. This is a scam i watch this vid and the offer vid from this chanel said don't work out before bed

  5. At least I can still eat North-Indian food because it is delicious and healthy.

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