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Did you know they have fresh produce available at the 99 cent store? I was challenge to make a meal for under $10. For my grocery haul I grabbed frozen salmon, mango, limes, cilantro, cajun yellow rice and avocados for under ten dollars! The lunch for two that I made was seared salmon over yellow rice topped with avocado mango salsa. Here is a prime example that you can still eat healthy on a budget.

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  1. You can a really big meal easily for $10 that'll last a few days! Not really a challenge. I don't have a 99c only but most things your better off buying from grocery store then a dollar tree based on price, amount and quality.

  2. Do You need $10 to make a meal😮😮😮that's like 700rs we get full buffet dinner in India. And we make feast at home for that price.

  3. WHY ARE AMERICAN DOLLAR STORES SO BIG 😭😭😭 here in uk poudland (which is basically the UK equivalent) is a lot smaller, the ones in America look like entire grocery stores/supermarkets

  4. That is wonderful! It is important to eat well on a budget . I wish they sold produce in the .99 store near me.

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