A Day in My Life – College Student | ItsMandarin

This is a day in my life as a college student. Follow me around as I show you what a typical day of college looks like for me. Come spend the day with me!

Hope you guys enjoyed this style of filming, and if you want more, don’t forget to check our my vlogging channel! xx 🙂

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13 Replies to “A Day in My Life – College Student | ItsMandarin”

  1. Great video! Just filmed a Day in the life of a college student on my channel as well! Please go check it out 😇

  2. I’m a senior in high school right now and I’ve been stressing about college and I’m scared too and this video just made me a little bit more stressed. I liked it though you just gained a new subbie

  3. Oh my gosh this video describes my life perfectly hahah! I forget what time my classes are all the time!

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