A House Tour at Colonial Williamsburg With Heather Chadduck Hillegas

Interior designer Heather Chadduck Hillegas grew up visiting Colonial Williamsburg and credits the historic living history museum as a constant source of inspiration and the birthplace of American decorating. When she was asked to take part in the “Designer In Residence” program – a newly created program wherein a historic home in Colonial Williamsburg is re-envisioned by a top interior designer, Hillegas called it a “once-in-a-career homecoming.”

Enter: The Nelson-Galt House. Built in 1695, the historic gem was once home to a signer of the Declaration of Independence and governor of Virginia and is believed to be the oldest residential dwelling in Colonial Williamsburg. Hillegas set to work imagining and planning her vision for the historic home while working with partners like paint giant Benjamin Moore, fabric, wallpaper, and lifestyle leader, Schumacher, and Paul Montgomery, who specializes in hand-painted mural wallcoverings.

Hillegas found inspiration throughout various restored buildings and rooms around campus and settled on a color palette of blues, greens, neutrals, and whites. While the ever-humble designer says there was “no need to reinvent the wheel” because of the classic color schemes and notable architectural details, the rules Hillegas had to follow during the project were daunting. Through endless research and decorating lessons, she says are rooted in the soul of the museum, Hillegas gave the home a new lease on life. Her interiors for the Nelson-Galt house feel tailored, clean, and livable while still maintaining an air of historical appropriateness given the significant context of the over 300-year-old home.

Produced by Tori Mellott
Filmed and Edited by Emmrich Creative

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  1. Absolute triumph. Fabulous, aesthetically appropriate and pleasing interior which exudes casual glamour and has paid great respect to the buildings pedigree. ❤❤❤

  2. Why can they only stay there for two years? They've done the most beautiful redecoration, why move after such a shortwhile. What will then happen to the home after that?

  3. beautiful elegant, sophisticated, love you're home, forgot one more thing………Stunning

  4. I adore this. The Mural in the Dining room includes my old school, White Lodge in Richmond Park London.

  5. What a gorgeous home….love the paint colors you used, and the wallpapers. Everything is perfection. Such a warm and inviting home. Eloise is precious ♥️.

  6. ???? ~Oh Heather, absolutely beautiful! Warm, cozy, elegant & rustic; I LOVE it! ????????

  7. OMG one does not office. The word office is a noun not a verb!!! What is happening to the English language?

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