A Mini-Castle, Saved From Ruins, Now Fit for a New King

Architect Jaime Fernández restored a 250-year-old mini-castle from ruins to create a unique home with fossils embedded in the walls. He gives us a tour of Dinton Castle in Buckinghamshire, England, which is for sale for £765,000. Photo: Jimmy Cape for The Wall Street Journal

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17 Replies to “A Mini-Castle, Saved From Ruins, Now Fit for a New King”

  1. what an awful looking monstrosity that beautiful building became, shame it was cleared to go ahead. I mean tons of "exposed brick work" it doesn't work, they should have used stone and that huge stair case lol what a disaster.

  2. Had to check the year this was posted, that is a more than fair asking price really! But makes sense because this was 3 years ago 😅 to bad its probably not on the market anymore, its so gorgeous!

  3. Wow.. you are truly blessed to wake each morning in this incredibly beautiful home!

  4. WOW- wish I had the money- I'd buy that RIGHT NOW…. but.. anyway- BEAUTIFUL… just perfect creation!!!! THANK YOU for posting this video..

  5. I luv it. I feel like crying, it's so beautiful. Awesome job in restoring it. You can actually see the love. I'd live in it for sure. My son would luv it as well.

  6. Why move out of this masterpiece just because you want more kids? Build a separate space outside.

  7. It is very exceptional someone wanting to keep all the original walls, not whiting everything, congratulations, it is marvelous.

  8. Wow fabulous we have got to hand it to you guys brilliant job.we absolutely love it What a great achievement 👏💚👏💚👏

  9. You have done a remarkable job (let's be honest from a pile of rubbish ) It will make a fantastic home for a future buyer – congratulations.

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