A mom of 7 makes her favorites

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29 Replies to “A mom of 7 makes her favorites”

  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this video. I was just searching your blog a couple days ago trying to find snacks for my kids. I struggle with healthy snacks besides the constant plain fruits, veggies, yogurt etc not that those are bad options just needing variety. But I always end up back in the rut of buying prepackaged processed garbage because they're quick and easy and easy to take on the go. Love this video!

  2. You could use stainless steel bowls. I love using them with the younger kids because I don't have to worry about them getting broken. I hate cleaning up glass.

  3. Any one handy with wood ? French style wood salt box that hangs on a nail …

  4. Maybe you’ve addressed this already, but could you explain why you use the collagen peptides? I’ve heard of that for women wanting to avoid wrinkles, but I’m guessing that’s not why you give them to your kids, lol. Great video.. Thanks!!

  5. Hi , a new subscriber here …. I imagine a pasta machine would be another option for rolling out the cracker dough ( I have carpal tunnel so I think of any hand / wrist friendly methods ???? )
    Very much enjoyed this video …..binge watching anticipated ????

  6. If you have a store called Menards you can buy flour sack dish towels 10 for $6.50. Thank you for sharing the yogurt recipe.

  7. I want to try the muffins… I just looked at the price of the Collagen Peptides on Thrive Market… wondering how many cups might be in the bag. Any idea?

  8. I started doing the afternoon post nap banana chocolate milk and we love it!! Also added peanut butter ????

  9. I just tossed a whole quart of sourdough discard because I cracked open the jar while trying to knock some starter off a metal iced teaspoon. I briefly thought of keeping it, but I didn't want to take the chance that any got into the jar. That's too much of a risk for me!

    All of your recipes look good! I don't know how you find the time to do all you do. I homeschooled 6, did the cooking, the bills and taxes, kept after the kids chores, and tried to keep the house somewhat in order. It's like having several full time jobs. You amaze me!

  10. I use kitchen aid mixer with the whipping blade and makes it your yogurt nice and smooth

  11. We eat so much dairy
    Sour cream
    Cream cheese
    Heavy cream
    Hard cheeses
    Cott cheese
    These things I make or buy weekly
    There just wouldn’t be too much milk for us!

  12. Thankyou again Lisa such tasty snacks I especially like the look of the crackers yum ????

  13. Oh, it's not the only one and as a matter of fact, Seed is the BEST one!!

  14. I am a new sub ~ enjoy your videos SO much ~ you inspire me! I do have a question about the large deep bowls that you had placed a towel in while making the yogurt snack ~ they look to be stainless steel with measurements on the outside. Where can I get one of those?

  15. I literally thought you were going to sya and yes you may have noticed I'm pregnant… lol. Still have yet to find the video where you mentioned being pregnant and I've never heard you mention it once in a video and I watch regularly! Given I'm only 3 minutes into this one I was just shocked that isn't what you said when that line came up lol

  16. I just made the chocolate muffins in this episode and they were a hit!!

  17. Have you thought of making a cook book with your home made or a book with all the recipes and how to make things you make? Is it on your blog far as making your yummy dairy foods?

  18. So sensible, so good. Can't wait to have banana milk this summer. Those crackers look like a crowd pleaser. I want to try those as well.

  19. I actually started making the muffins but did I miss the amount of cocoa?? ???????? I didn’t hear it! Would you let me know thanks. I’ve got my wet already portioened out

  20. Love all your tips. My kids (young adults) will often make “banana milk” shakes when they want a sweet treat.

  21. I've been doing the same thing with eggs… How can I use up these eggs?
    I've water glassed a bunch and given away a bunch and hatched out a bunch, even for my neighbor and now I'm resorting to scrambling them and feeding them back to the chickens! lol Chicks grow fast on scrambled eggs and coconut oil. My piggie love scrambled eggs too and it makes a great addition to the dog's food. Sadly, my cats won't touch them. HA! Finicky Felines!
    Anyways…I'm out of organic cane sugar until my Azure order comes in and I need recipes that are good with coconut sugar, honey, or jagery….and I think I'm running low on maple syrup too! OH! But I do have a gallon of molasses.
    I really, reallly want a dairy cow. We're thinking about getting a small one and doing the calf sharing thing with her. We're only three people and don't use a lot of milk, but I love making yogurt and cheese!
    Thanks for the recipe ideas!

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