A New Ocean Is Forming Under Your Feet Right Now

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Normally, our lifetime is too short to see any major changes. We don’t notice mountains rise, the way rivers change their course, or how oceans are created. Entire valleys may be sinking, but it usually takes too long for them to sink entirely. Still, a group of scientists recently noticed there’s a new ocean being formed really fast and we can even witness it appear. Not far away from the Horn of Africa peninsula, the sixth ocean is being born at the moment!

By the way, there’s a theory that claims the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans might just cease to exist, forming the new ocean basin. Eurasia will be split to form a new ocean, and all the continents will migrate to merge into the supercontinent. Another possible scenario claims the continents might merge into the uniform landmass, or form a circle with a large sea inside, and the Super Pacific Ocean outside. And since all the continents keep drifting northwards even now, it’s quite probable that almost all of them will meet up somewhere at the North Pole. So, here’s how the Earth might change in millions of years.


A new ocean 0:50
World’s longest-lasting lava lake 3:34
We’ll get more volcanoes! 4:06
The Pangea supercontinent might come back together 6:44

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14 Replies to “A New Ocean Is Forming Under Your Feet Right Now”

  1. Let's be STRESS FREE by PRETENDING that this will not HAPPEN ❗????????????????????????

  2. Everything there is an earthquake, the mountains grow higher, which is why the land shakes, the mountains go up, causing ripples, I always noticed, especially living in California. Soon, regardless of tilting mountains so they stay leveled using a set of top secret machinery, the higher the other mountains, it won't be able to hold that mountain there forever, due to higher elevated mountains pushing it up too high, all at once, as that facility will go flying like a rubber band, as the higher the mountains, the more the friction, as the more stilts they add to the crust, the more it builds up the friction, as soon it will serve like roots being pulled from the ground, as it will be no use, as the ground gives out and releases the roots as the facility itself will go flying, as the mountains, like a jack in the box, go springing up to catch up to the other mountains. The video ended before I finished typing, that is why this is pasted.

  3. For this ocean couldn't afford fast enough we could sure use to get rid of all the scammers in Africa… I guess it's like just flushing the toilet isn't it

  4. Brilliant ,that's how changes took place,now we in the era of change once more.
    Mighty forces of nature unstoppable,the cycle of change will be completed.

  5. The planet will continue to shuffle itself. There's nothing we can do about it and our survival activities has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    The planet has been evolving long before it formed us. We belong to the planet earth, not the other way around.

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