A Sad Self-Care Sunday

i’m sorry that i haven’t been posting as frequently or regularly- i’ve been just going through a bit of an emotional funk~ and don’t get me wrong, i’ve spent plenty days moping around in bed and resting… but today, i decided i would take you along what i do on a sad but productive self-care sunday. things to get you out of bed and back in the swing of things. a reset of some sorts. to help you feel better.

sometimes just getting outside of the house and doing all that you need to do can really help to uplift your spirits.

of course the feeling (of sadness) comes and goes in waves- but at least, today i can safely say, i am doing much better 🙂

thanks for being so patient with me.

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Honest Bubble Bath

Tie Your Shoes Kid – Meta Sarmiento

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19 Replies to “A Sad Self-Care Sunday”

  1. I really don't understand why 911k people watched this. What has that got to do with life coaching to start with… The world has gone insane.

  2. Amy ur probably never seeing this but this video helped me so often when I was struggling with motivation. This Video is just pure comfort for myself. I also got a tattoo of the quote „My heart deserves to smile after all it has survived“ I love u Amy thank j for making that kind of Content♥️

  3. i masterbate when i'am sad……come to think of it, i masturbate when i'am happy too!

  4. I watch this video every time I feel bad because the things you show help me feel better every time. I do everything without the last part because I don't have a pool on my roof hahaha. Thank you so much.

  5. Late to the party here, but I digg this vid. Haha.
    Plus… June Blues, in the final June that was Pre-Rona hits different. ????
    Hope you're styll doing well. ????????

  6. You are so cool. A lot of things on the internet feel fake. But you’re so real.

  7. You could really rock dark red ❤️love your hair anyways tho❤️nice video, keep creating masterpiece????

  8. I absolutely love you for this !!???????????????????????????? I can definitely relate. Happy New Year to you Goddess! Sending positive, uplifting vibes.

  9. I sensed the water in you, Pisces moon, I'm a Cancer sun, Mercury and Venus, lots of water! I love a structured water bath with some crystals in there to charge it. I can feel it rejuvenating my body. I've been trying to give myself permission to sleep more or let some things go if I need to rest, hard for a recovering workaholic and tend to beat myself up for being unproductive, the house becomes a wreck and I beat myself up even more but there's nothing I can do some days . So I'm trying to be more gentle with my self judgement but those old programs are deep . Doing meditations to try to cultivate more self love and acceptance.
    Thank you for being so open and honest. It's inspiring!

  10. You are literally the definition of a pampered, entitled brat. If you had to live one week in Calcutta without your yoga mat, your latte or your stupid rocks, you'd jump off a building.

  11. But why did i instantly connect at first watching your video only to relise you're a Pisces too ????????‍♀️

  12. If you really cared about yourself why did you tat your body. Turn around show us your tramp stamp?

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