Have you ever seen a spoiler for your skateboard? What would it do? Would it make doing tricks harder? Does it make your skateboard faster? All of these questions and more are about to be answered for you! There’s no shortage of discoveries on Etsy, we’re excited to see how this one does!

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  1. That darn scammer is back in the comments today guys! We report him every day and then he can his user name slightly. We will never ask you to contact us on WhatsApp or download anything to win a skateboard. I’ll keep reporting him, but please don’t fall for this guy’s tricks!!

  2. Do you guys know when you guys will be in Vegas cuz I live here in Vegas

  3. I live in Vegas and Craig Ranch park is right up the road from me!🤘🏻 & Oct.18th is my birthday🤘🏻 party month!..

  4. 3 straight weeks of no skating and just random clickbait titled videos. I don’t know what this channel is anymore but it’s clearly not for my demographic.

  5. it kind of bums me out that Aaron hasn't been in much videos. Hope he is doing okay, but it would be nice to see his face again

  6. The only way this makes sense is for bombing hills, and then it still makes no aerodynamic sense at all. Love the videos though.

  7. been planning to make my own stance board with one of my old boards 😂 and this would most likely be fitting

  8. Bad ideas > dumb ideas >>>> useless ideas… watched the whole video just thinking “why?”

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