Above Ground Pool with Easy Stone Veneer

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Evolve Stone: https://evolvestone.com/
Crescent Nail Slicer: https://amzn.to/3L1Ezwo
Prowood Lumber: https://www.prowoodlumber.com/
Prowood Lumber Projects: https://www.prowoodlumber.com/resources/project-plans
Crescent 22oz Hammer: https://amzn.to/43BOzn6
Senco F-15XP: https://www.senco.com/tool-type/nailers/
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15 Replies to “Above Ground Pool with Easy Stone Veneer”

  1. Your new pool looks great April! The stone is just unreal. Too simple! lol….. thanks for sharing this info!

  2. April. You are beautiful and everything you do turns out beautiful. I love your new deck. Hopefully I will get there sometime and we can all sit on your deck, have a cold one. A dip in the pool and whack some balls. Okay, now i'm dreaming. Love and God Bless ????????????

  3. Really nice stone. But extremely expensive. Specially if you want to cover a big area. Around $1700 per square crazy!!!!

  4. And this material is pretty cool I've actually worked on a jobsite with the owner it can also be painted

  5. Seems like you weren't thinking ahead, you could have designed it to be a hot tub in the winter and the pool in the summer. :o) Clever idea either way.

  6. Great Work April. Sad to see you weren't at the Makers Central Show in the UK this weekend.

  7. Anyone else notice the old school hose bibb in the background during the Aquor pitch?

  8. Did you use stainless steel nails? If not, won’t the heads rust over time and ruin the look of the stones?

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