Adding Phlox, Astilbe, and Calycanthus to the Garden! 🌿🌸 // Garden Answer

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19 Replies to “Adding Phlox, Astilbe, and Calycanthus to the Garden! 🌿🌸 // Garden Answer”

  1. Hi Laura! I have watched your channel a long time and today I had the pleasure of visiting your parents garden center 17 hours from my home in Kansas, and even though I didn’t get to meet any of you it was a very memorable experience! I look forward to telling all my friends and family I’ve been there! Keep up the great videos:)

  2. Laura, I have the Pink A Dot Phlox and it does one big bloom at the beginning of the season but I can’t get it to rebloom. What am I doing wrong!!?!!?

  3. The Phlox is one of my favorite annual flowering plants as a ground cover. I love their vibrant colors of pink, lavender, and white. They are in a much smaller variety in Illinois. I'd love to buy Phlox that are that size. They look good next to a bunch of blooming pink & white tulips or purple irises. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  4. You could plant some bright green ajuga under your dark astilbe so they show up better 🙂

  5. I love the Calycanthus! The green is so perfect in that spot. My parents have one planted at their coastal property here in New Zealand, and it turns a beautiful yellow in the autumn – am looking forward to seeing how your one looks in the fall! That area in your South Garden is going to be stunning at that time of year, can't wait for the tour 🙂

  6. PLEASE DO A REACTION VIDEO to your last garden tour of the old house before moving day! Laura mentioned so many plants she doesn't have at the new house…(black swan birch, etc) and I'd love to get her reaction to rewatching this tour and remembering old plants…Aaron's reaction too would be funny about the filming differences.

  7. Hi Laura, have you ever experienced pink phlox reverting back to white the next blooming season? I purchased 4 phlox plants three ago. Two pink two white. The following season, three were white and one didn’t bloom at all. This year the same thing is happening. Although I like white, I’ve already devoted an area in my garden to white daisies. Oh—the phlox plants were not proven winners. I’m trying out ultraviolet this year and crossing fingers. Thanks for your videos and I love your garden(s).

  8. Hi Laura, just curious if the mud stains come out of your pants in the knee area or if you have a massive jeggings/jeans collection??🤔😂 Great video!!

  9. I am loving the new music lately! Sort of Celtic folk sound, just 😍🤗😍

  10. That is the most genius way I’ve ever seen someone dig a hole I need that machine!

  11. I was looking on Proven Winners site this morning and saw the shrub that you just planted. Never knew proper name we just called it sweet shrub. I was going to message you to see if you have a

  12. I'm in the crispy Astilbe club, too! 🙋 Lesson learned – now I hand water it daily.

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