14 Replies to “Prosthetic Arm Tip[ #3: Putting on a Dress Shirt and Tie”

  1. Damn dude you're more dexterous with that hook than I am with two hands. Good stuff.

  2. I love all of your videos…great learning for a future Occupational Therapist..thanks for sharing!

  3. Do you wear your prosthesis most of the time? I have a 5 year old son born without his right hand and he says his prosthesis gets in the way. He has the two major bones in the arm, he is just missing his wrist bones and hand. Thanks.

  4. Hellow Mr hook, I have a friend that lost boath hands in abought the same place as you., he still has some of his forarms. he is about to spend all of his setelment on bionic hands. I program robotic movement I am not sold on the realiabilaty of the bionic hands. But he has lost boath hands not just 1. please any advise I can pass on would be helpful. stagehndlr@yahoo.com Mike Gilligan.

  5. Hi theguywiththehook,

    I always wondered how dressing can be done one-handed.
    My respect for that ! Now it really feels kind of stupid when I am
    unable to do this correctly with both my hands – I will try to learn
    the paperclip-trick from you, may come useful ! All the best, Captain !

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