12 Replies to “Solo Female in DIY Sprinter — Vanlife Inspires an Entrepreneurial Spirit”

  1. Thoughtful build and great life lessons. Thanks for sharing! Build question: Why do solo travelers seem to all have double/full and queen beds? Designing around a twin would free up space or double as a sofa. ????

  2. Nicole, great job on your van! You could install a deflector on the heater that you fold away when not in use. It would redirect the hot air toward the rear of the van away from your fridge. Happy trails!

  3. I like the set up. She should really consider a countertop propane stove tho. I like which way the sinks on and stuff. ect. I would put the kitchen in the back tho. Would have switched the bathroom and kitchen and put the bed on the right side of the van.

  4. Nicole, thank you for sharing everything about your learning to figure yourself out and all that stuff. Also I love you build it's very bright and welcoming when I could totally live in your van I think. Again thank you! Good luck and be safe!

  5. I love your build. One thing I have seen/heard from van lifers is that the bed should be on a slatted frame instead of solid wood, due to moisture buildup, causing mold and mildew. You should have some airflow under your mattress. Just saying… Enjoy your adventures.🌺

  6. Why don't you turn the vent so it doesn't blow on the fridge? πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  7. I lile your van build and where you have your clothes stored and I like your idea of having baskets to put your stuff in and it easier to drag them out when you need something rather putting up with drawers. I love the sink size you have and the room you have on your countertop.

  8. well wishes, such a great van…i love the lil paw print to the right lower part on the mural on the wood too πŸ˜› <3 i wish you continuing success <3 i love your van!

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