Adobe Encore Basics 6: Creating Motion Menus In this tutorial on getting started with Adobe Encore, Andrew Devis demonstrates the important option of bringing in a video for your menu and bringing in a suitable audio soundtrack for your menu. Although a fairly simple process, there are a couple of things that you need to know so that you don’t end up pulling your hair out because you didn’t realise a button needed to be pushed!

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  1. “Render Motion Menu”. Thank you. Gosh I wish they’d do a Encore CC 2019… people still want Blu Ray’s of weddings and school plays, you know, Adobe. It will be interesting to see what the technological climate is in the next few years. Total obsolescence of Blu Rays and DVDs? Probably. No support from either Apple or Adobe for a while now.

  2. Hi Andrew, I want to make a project which will be a documentary video but with three different languages (audio), do you have same tutorial or tutorials about it how to integrate different audios to a single video, the final product I wanna do is a DVD I forgot to mentioned it. Thank you, by the way i like the way you explain so simple and perfect understandable.

  3. Can I make an external link in encore (like if i click a button it takes me to a website)?

  4. This series has been amazing, so in depth but not so much that you get bored! Brilliant! 😀 x

  5. Thanks much Andrew.  I watched all six to refresh my memory because it's been a while since I used it last.

  6. Encore is actually pretty simple to learn, but I find it quite limited in capability compared with Scenarist, which I have been trained on for over a decade. However, if you're authoring simple DVDs, Encore's integrated workflow with Premiere makes authoring a relatively fast and automated process.

  7. I haven't seen all of your Encore tutorials, but will the red frame show up on the DVD when I burn it to the disk?

  8. Great tutorials! You saved a lot of my time… Keep up the good work!

  9. Thank you very much, I'm loving your vídeos, my question was already answered

  10. How do i control the time display of a buttom on a motion menu ? motion menu is 30 second made in after effects i only need a buttom to play the movie to display for 10 seconds but is goes all the way to the end of the motion menu.

  11. what if I want to loop video but not loop audio…?? I just want audio goes on when video is looping .. what I must to du??

  12. Great tutorials, i have watched the whole det. They have helped me so much apart from one thing, my DVDs will not play in my DVD player?
    Any ideas.


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