Advanced Rubber Guard: Double Bagger

This set up for the double bagger works off crack head control first. Sean Bollinger has another variation where he zombies first. It doesn’t matter. The DB keeps the person locked in tight!

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  3. Wouldn't it be best to grab your foot after zombie, then do the new york. Instead of grabbing it after and having to re-perform new york with your elbow? It looks like it would be the perfect set up for the way Eddie does his zombie. Since he grabs his shin as he get his arm through and works new york from there.

  4. Hi submissions101

    Just wanted to thank you for all the vids, iv'e learned most of my 10th planet techniques from you guys, and I believe in these moves.

    Now I am a blue, and my biggest challenge is getting a high enough guard against stronger, larger and more experienced opponents. They always just stack and drive into me making it almost impossible to lock mission control with my forearm.

    Any tips to combat this?

  5. @MrSandmanTv it doesnt really matter how the rubber gaurd is positioned with which leg if you have got it you've got it but the left leg in some ways is more easier to work with for me

  6. @AZNboi10921 I would attempt setting up a triangle while going for an ankle pic sweep with the hand. If you can time it just right you should be able to roll right into it. Im not saying its going to work every time or is easy, but its an idea.

  7. @Submissions101 Could you please do a supplemental video on some zombie alternatives like the exhumer.

  8. @Submissions101 Whenever I do Crackhead or the Double Bagger, my friend just stands up (lifting me up) and smashes me to the ground. How can you prevent this? Or am I just doing something wrong؟

  9. Great stuff guys! keep up the good work, I learn more everyday watching all your videos. Thanks alot

  10. @cookedbake now if you can get to New York, double bagger helps me maintain that position

  11. @cookedbake If he has his hand trapped in between your triangle set up when you counter his pass attempt, hook your ankles like you were going for crackhead control, hook his leg with your free arm (assuming you maintained mission control/New York) and a. sweep him over to mount or b. he posts to defend the sweep with his trapped arm and he leaves his ass open for the triangle. Hope i didn't confuse you bro, if i did i'll be glad to explain again, good luck!

  12. @cookedbake keep your rubber guard tight, and as soon as he reaches down to pinch your knee with his elbow for him to pass your leg, swing your leg around his arm and get the triangle set up… every time your opponent tries to pass, it leaves him open for a triangle counter, if you keep your rubber guard tight he'll have to work to pass, giving you enough time to react.

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