Advanced Rubber Guard: The Undefended Sub 101 Version

This is our variation on a move that Jeff “The Wolverine” Barney called the Undefended:

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  1. @raztis1 if executed properly, you will get a chence to land an unprotected gillotine

  2. Its actually called a pupett master,and theres 4 different chokes from the puppet master.

  3. no, you can choke from thst position by driving your elbow underneath the neck towards the trapped shoulder, but i dont think he was driving, and its not a high percentage choke because its hard to get the forearm under the neck, but it does work.

  4. well the assylum and the rubix is two different moves.. the rubix goes under the arm and the asylum goes over.

  5. yeh i was wondering that too cuz it was like a weird mission control i guess? I wonder if they were counting that as a submission attempt even though it was only a controlling move

  6. Thanks, let me know which of the moves we demoed in the series work the best for you,

  7. A couple of the set ups that we showed in our Puppet Master Part 3 video were not as practical. The ones that I have had the most luck with are the Riddler set ups that were in Parts 4 & 5. The ones that rely on your opponent reaching back don't happen as much, because more experienced guys won't make that mistake. The setup Jerome Basilio showed on his original Rubix Cube video off of a failed 100% is another good one that I am going to start working more now that I am better at 100%,

  8. 3 points;
    1. nice moves. much respect to the okonawa fathers and the sushi chefs.
    2. dam baby that rash guard is hot to trot.
    3. Ari your looking like ur bulking up my man.

  9. Thank you so much for not only putting up so many great videos with great techniques, but also for introducing me to Jeff "The Wolverine" Barney's video series. He has some great vids about the puppet master!

  10. Its just goes to show how quickly the sport will devoelope with so many free minds working on its developement. Its really exciting.

  11. Rash Guards on sale now on our website (Xmas special!!!) Get them before they are all gone.

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