AE Basics 52: Paint 6 Spot & Blemish Removal AE Basics – A Creative COW series for new users of Adobe After Effects. Lesson 52: In this tutorial, Andrew Devis shows how to use and animate the clone stamp tool in Adobe After Effects to remove spots or blemishes from your video. Although a simple technique, this approach can produce good results quickly helping to keep your talent and your client happy!

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  1. I think this way is better and faster: just duplicate the layer, freeze needed frame for all duration and put a mask on the clear area. Then track the black spot on the first layer and apply the tracking data to the our masked layer. So our clear area will move over the black spot.

  2. Motion tracking for this sort of thing works really well too when you have a well defined area to track from like a dark zit or white head. Frame by frame rotoscoping is best when you need a nuanced approach for rashes or strange blemishes, make up smudges etc.

  3. I researched rotoscoping, masks, tracking… so much work, and in the end, your simple, beautiful tutorial helped the most. Thank you.

  4. How would you go about motion tracking this? Can someone give me a run down please?

  5. @Luka Minic  how do i do this suggestion of locking area cloned to the target area? Thanks in advance !

  6. You can track motion with tracker window to lock the area that has to be cloned to where you want.

  7. Is this really the best and only way to do this? Surely there has to be a faster way.

  8. Exactly what I need, except that it didn't continue through the clip. So the problems reappeared, and then some, a few frames down. If you could have cleaned the whole clip, that would really help! Thanks, anyhow! I will work with it!

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