after school routine | how to be productive after class (college night routine)

After a long day of classes, it can be hard to come home and stay motivated and be productive! Today I take you guys along on my after classes routine, what I eat, how I stay productive, how to get stuff done, when I workout, how to relax, and more! Think of this as an extended college night routine. Let me know if you guys want more videos like this and SUBSCRIBE!

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15 Replies to “after school routine | how to be productive after class (college night routine)”

  1. First day of my senior year tomorrow! Tis the season to rewatch all of Dani’s videos so we can take on the school year 🥰🥳

  2. Hi Danielle what size is your princess polly hoodie? I'm trying to figure out what size to get that oversized look💗

  3. We love a Sunday morning upload 🤩🤩
    Yess!! To do lists are my everything! Along with goal lists too !!

  4. i found you on youtube your last college school year and i fell in loved with your channel! i cannot stop watching!

  5. Love how you been loving how you talk through your thought process on how you make decisions in your life! Super helpful and motivational

  6. Girl!! I love eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chips and salsa too!😱😍 So wild! Lol. It’s been one of my favorite comfort foods since I was like 12. 😂

  7. Do more fashion videos! I loved when you did that styling haul video a few months ago🥰

  8. Love you and your vids but wanted to ask if you could try to hold the camera more steady in your vlogs – I know it’s impossible to hold it perfectly still all the time especially with your style of vlogs, but this one in particular made me a little motion sick to watch. Swear I mean this in the nicest way!! Love you!!!

  9. the way you can just take a power nap and then get up truly amazes me. for me its either no nap, or a three hour nap, there is no in between LMAO.

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