Aging & Weathering Models part2

Mac McCalla, the “Master of Weathering” with 40 years experience, explains in his straight to the point down-to-earth manner how to take an “out of box” model and turn it into an old grimy, dirty, weathered mess! With a few basic colors and a little ingenuity you’ll learn the techniques necessary to weather your own models (and stuff) for a truly realistic look. During this video you’ll gain a new appreciation for rust and filth.

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  1. HI Mac, excellent videos. Are you using acrylic paints? I believe that in part 3 you mentioned something about water based when you were cleaning the bowl out.

  2. Kinda ended abruptly , I was paying attention and everything  , is there a part 3 ?

  3. So what exactly does the india ivory/alcohol mix do for you? Does it serve as a primer? I truly appreciate your tutorial, as it's proving to be very useful. I've just been utterly confused as to which size tip and spray regulator is efficient for our purposes in spray brushing these models with enamel paint. I have a Badger Crescendo 175T series and and comes with fine, medium, and large sized regs ant tips. Am I able to use the fine size with enamel paints as long as I dilute it more?

  4. Iv watched sooo much tim and eric that i cant take green screens serious anymore.

  5. I got more out of this in the first 2 minutes than I picked up the last 45 years. thanks

  6. First thing i thought was to put it in water, and set it outside for a days to look REALLY OLD n distressed. I might do that if i weather a Woodie car model!

  7. He's pretty good. Then I relaized he looks like the Army Colonel who wanted to wipe out the Navi people from planet Avatar and now I'm not trusting him so much.

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