Al Roker Uncovers The Origins of Bagels and Lox in New York City

In his new TODAY All Day series “Family Style,” Al Roker explores New York City to learn about the origins of bagels and lox. Al visits Russ & Daughters where he learns how to slice smoked salmon, then he tours one of the largest fish smokehouses in the U.S. For a taste of the future, he also learns how to make vegan “lox” from cured carrots.

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15 Replies to “Al Roker Uncovers The Origins of Bagels and Lox in New York City”

  1. It makes me so happy how one of my favorite foods is so tied to my culture 🙂 and how all New Yorkers love it so much. Proud to be descended from Jewish immigrants

  2. I do my own flax seed and garlic bagel ( low sodium) and no preservatives after watching some tutorials on youtube and I was so surprised that my bagels were far better than the industrial frozen ones. I am so proud of my home-made bagels 😉

  3. the only incorrect statement was that they are serving Kosher food. since they are not kosher certified, {{and many items cannot be kosher [like sturgeon ] }} . they had a kosher outlet until covid ,if i am not mistaken….

  4. How NY claims its the city that never sleeps is just a lie and a hilarious joke. Try and go to diner in Brooklyn or Times Square at 2am. Its closed because they sleep lol.

  5. Great video Al! Your the best! Looking forward to more food vlogs in the future!

  6. As a Southerner who doesn't know what a bagel is, I'm proud to say I've never eaten one and don't ever plan on eating one. Yankee food doesn't sit well on my stomach.

  7. My favorite food for the morning and used to drive 20 miles to a Jewish Deli to have a lox and bagel 🥯

  8. ACME is special because it custom smokes fish using secret recipes for different eateries such as Russ and Daughters and Zabar's!

  9. Cmon New York stop playing yall freaking out over a shortage of cream cheese when you can just make it how you gona act like y’all the kings when yah buggin over some cream cheese

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