Amazing BB Watergel – Tried And Tested: EP30

Shu An tries out an amazing new BB product that releases water bubbles?? Brought to you by Maybelline.

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29 Replies to “Amazing BB Watergel – Tried And Tested: EP30”

  1. Seriously why did they make Shuan do this. Like there is no way there would be water bubbles… do they think we are dumb??? Seriously

  2. Do they still have this on the market?.. summer is coming this is a great help. Thank you.

  3. Results from product placement videos cannot be trusted because they have to say nice things the brand wants the host to say. It lowers the credibility of the host

  4. the problem I have is not that we don't have bb cream in Germany.
    My problem is that even the lightest shade that you can buy is way too dark for me xDD
    I guess I'm a vampire ?

  5. All tried and tested sponsored vids are totally not objective. She always says they are amazing. I dont believe a word she says.

  6. I was in Asia just recently and I regret not getting this! Ugh! At least my Mum is going to Asia soon, so I can just ask her to get me (a few bottles of) this xD maybe along with the pure mineral concealer as well… and the bb cream as well ahaha

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