Amazing Perpetual Motion Machines

I test out perpetual motion machines, including the perpetual marble machine from William Le, the spinning MOVA Globe, and the non stop Drinking Bird science toy. See Amazing Fidget Toys Here:

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29 Replies to “Amazing Perpetual Motion Machines”

  1. this gives me such 2016 vibes i love it. feels so nostalgic. sends me back to a time where i had no worry in the world

  2. So if he advertises it as a perpetual motion marble machine, and it is not perpetual of its own accord, then he is perpetually putting forth a lie in order to make sales.
    There's only four things that are perpetual in our world.
    1. Earth
    2. Sun
    3. Moon
    4. Stars
    Everything else will eventually cease to be and go back to dust or ashes.

  3. Technically none of these are actually perpetual motion machines, they all get energy from somewhere, the first one runs on batteries, and the second one has a solar panel

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