Ambitious Card (Tutorial – Part 3)

One of the most powerful tricks you can do with any pack of cards, anywhere at anytime. Arguably the most famous card trick.

Part 3


Be inspired to learn. Then aspire to disturb.

♥♣Rise Above♦♠

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  1. I think instead of doing the crimp card and the paperclip. What I do, is the same beginning as the crimp card, but I turn the cards back over, put the false card into the deck, then I put it straight up, vertical. Saying something about with it horizontal, it comes to the top, but what about when it's up? I then snap my fingers and spring the card.

  2. how can you afford to bend your cards?????? im in Nz and they are like 20-25 dollars each packet, is it a different price in the USA?

  3. can you go youtube and enter Luc langevin his a french guys can you figur out his trick

  4. protip: If you're having difficulty in the slide-off tenkai palm,hold the card with your index, middle, and ring finger and make it go up as far as the middle joint of those fingers.

  5. just stick a dummy card into your shoe. then show the folded signed card after, also avoiding to see the dummy card you're keeping in your shoe.

  6. I don't really have enough decks to practice/perform this trick because of the ending. Are there any alternative ways to end the ambitious card routine without damaging a deck?

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