American Grilled Cheese Vs. French Grilled Cheese

Usually a homemade grilled cheese is going to be good, gourmet or not. Today we pit arguably the two most famous together to find an ultimate grilled cheese.

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22 Replies to “American Grilled Cheese Vs. French Grilled Cheese”

  1. The American grilled cheese doesn't just have nostalgia on its side, it wins the But Faster category hands down

  2. I’m 11 and I started cooking that long and I forgot to subscribe and when I was watching you I realize that it wasn’t so I subbed and turned on😅 notifications

  3. France wins by default.
    France has real bread
    France has real cheese
    America has fake cheese and fake bread

  4. Cheese toast in England is only one slice of bread with cheese on top. It isn’t a sandwich. Usually it’s done underneath a broiler so that the cheese bubbles up and crisps. You can also treat this base like a pizza and add toppings, but plain mature cheddar on top of thick sliced toast is perfect all on its own.

  5. for a british cheese toastie you'll need a toastie machine which makes your toastie into two triangular pockets that will ooze with cheese and other fillings (eg ham, tomato, heinz beans, etc) :))

  6. Nostalgia, Shmoshtalgia! While cooking is about capturing emotional experiences and communicating them in a dish. There is no way these two sandwiches are equals on the Sammy scale. I get it, an American Cheese (what kind of cheese is that?) Sammy with a can of Tomato Soup is a cultural culinary icon, but, it can't hold any comparison to the Croque Monsieur.

  7. An English cheese toastie is normally buttered both sides of the bread, then grilled. We don’t fry our grilled cheese cause, y’know, the name 😂

    That’s was a Union Jack btw, not the flag of England

  8. Shoulda buttered all four sides of the american grilled cheese.Always makes it the best. And I would've also taken out the ham from the other one to make it a better comparison tbh. Just felt kind of unfair. No way that ham could possibly make the american one better than the french one. Good video tho <3

  9. Hey Joshua,
    I love the content, but i wouldnt compare a ham grilled cheese to a croque monsieur. I think the CM would be more fairly compared to a philly cheese steak, also of USA decent.

  10. Ok I’ve never had a disappointing croque monsieur but how does this one pair with tomato soup???

  11. I like my griddled ham and cheese with just a dash of mustard to give it a lil twang. 😋

  12. I prefer my grill cheeses with American & Swiss cheese. Also I prefer more cheese than Josh put ESPECIALLY with meat; the meat to cheese ratio leaned too much towards meat for me

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