12 Replies to “Anaconda Body Lock 101: Beginning Jiu Jitsu Moves:”

  1. thanks a lot, lost to this body lock before and was already wondering how to escape those legs especially (the arms you just hold on tightly).

    good vid, keep it going!

  2. Definitely agree, this is my go-to way to hold back control because if you do it right, it's incredibly constricting and demoralizing. Also you can whip out an armbar crazy fast if things go right.

  3. u guys shud do videos on defending submissions also.. these videos really help me with my grappling(i train in american kempo)

  4. if they go belly down you win. Spinal Crank just sprawl your hips straight down and arch your back. throw strikes if needed.

  5. Thanks a lot for this! I love the body triangle, but hate hurting my ankle if they roll to that side.

  6. Saw this vid this afternoon(another great lesson, thank you!) and was watching TUF tonight when George caught John in an anaconda body lock. George made the mistake of getting his foot under John's leg and I'm screaming YES, YES! Hook the ankle and PULL!! lol Guess John didn't see this vid! 😉 Great move, thanks for all your great teachings on here, keep up the great work!!

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