Angry Birds Magic Trick

We posted this one just for fun. Chris explains the game Angry Birds by taking them out of his smart phone.

Learn magic at :

29 Replies to “Angry Birds Magic Trick”

  1. That was a good one

    I like how you took a basic trick and made te performance 10 times better

  2. Please bring these back i had no idea these existed. this is awesome i and maybe a whole lot of other people want these back . This is such an amazing trick. i would buy it so consider making more,i know they are hard to make and all but this is awesome but so little were made

  3. it's funny how she doesn't seem all that impressed at the magic.  It almost appears she's not even aware that he's done any tricks at all.

  4. They pick the one person in the whole world who doesn't know angry birds. Still great trick

  5. Again, awesome product, you struck gold (or stars) in this one! These piggy products seem to be "flying" around with great reviews! But I was wondering if you could send me something telling me how to order these bird-y products. Thanks for an awesome product!

  6. @bmagic485 It was for sale about a year ago. It was to labor-intensive to produce so it got discontinued. There still might be a couple of magic shops carrying it.

  7. i can see how he does it
    but where can i get those?
    cause my gf loves angry birds.. and i wanna do that to her

  8. don't get me wrong, it's one cool idea. but CAN THEY GET MORE UGLY THAT THAT?!?!

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