Another "Tweener" Project! pt 2 of 5

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12 Replies to “Another "Tweener" Project! pt 2 of 5”

  1. Hi guys my name is Scott I own my own construction company in Wyoming.I have been watching you guys for years now and I have to say you all have taught me so much whether it has to do with work situations or just being a better person thanks guys keep on keeping on your channel is great can't wait to see the next video ????

  2. Looking forward to seeing your solution to preventing mosquitoes from coming up through the gaps in the planking.

    When my back bothers me, a few seconds relaxed upside down in an inversion table works wonders. Admittedly would be a bother to haul to jobsites.

    Any idea when your cool tool belt will be back in stock? Thanks, Tod

  3. It was a pleasure meeting Jamie and Ray today at the Bryson city 4th of July festival. Wish I could have meet the hole gang.

  4. Top show boys as we expect. will somebody burn jamies hat thats a health hazard. Crack on

  5. I really need to contact your Structural Engineer which you're used to working with. I've got some questions about structural engineering in the US to ask him.

  6. Trex probably can’t do load bearing cause it gets softer in the heat

  7. Are the Perkin brothers equal partners or is one senior to the other?

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