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White walls: Simply White by Benjamin Moore and Fireplace is Midnight Oil by Benjamin Moore

Marin from West Elm:

My Bed:
NonTufted Tall:
Rounded Upholstered:

West Elm Chair:
Sculptural Chair:

Dining Tables:
West Elm Table:
Armless Dining Chair:
My Chair the “Jack”
Leather Chair:
Pottery Barn Upholstered chair:
Wood Chair:

Amazon Blanket:
Channel Fur Blanket:
Cashmere Throw:
Amazon Wool Throw:
H&M Throw Blankets:
Velvet Throw Pillow:
Jute Throw Pillow:
Butterfly Pillow:
Down Inserts:

Artisanal Vase:
Quinn Vase:
Spike Vase:
Black Vase:
Olive Branches:
Tall Textured Vase:
Tall Pottery Barn Vase:
Olive Branches:
Olive Branches:
Faux Branches:
AD Book:
Shagreen Box:
Shagreen Tray:
Leather Tray:

White Suit:
Black Camisole:


  1. Where are those black leather trousers from that you are wearing in the clip of your bedroom?!

  2. My favorite non-trend will always be stainless steel kitchen appliances. I see how the black and white appliances are making a comeback in a more modern way, but they still must be used with caution based on the design of the kitchen. However, in my opinion, stainless just seems to work in almost every design.

  3. Where did you got the black structural vase behind you, beside the lamp? It looks gorgeous.

  4. I want a timeless and classic look that will stand the test of time, but exactly what makes something timeless? What do you pick to have a timeless look?

  5. I’ve had every color of the rainbow on my walls for 20+ years. I’ve since married whitish walls and am totally content to stay here for a long while!!!!

  6. Is that a real plant behind you,or is it fake. And where did you buy it

  7. where are you storage all your decor ? or what do you do with them?

  8. Great content. All so true. This video just made my Timeless Architecture and Interior Design Play List.

  9. You know I was thinking! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to use the white or off white Brooklin linen to cover your sofas and chairs.
    Of course it could get spendy, but the thought of my animals hairs on a white sofa would be a disaster.
    However, a white or off white linen sheets, you’d remove, and it would clean easily.
    I mean you can only vacuum so much before you’d have to clean.
    Just something to think about.

    They have some very creative and clever ways to cover sofas and chairs with sheets.

    Chairs can usually be covered with twin-size sheets, while love seats and sofas require full-size or bigger.

    You can place one sheet over the body of the furniture and use the second to cover cushions.

    Fabric tacks
    Fabric tacks for a creative touch, look for decorative ones – some are made with flowers, rhinestones, antique brass finishes and other designs.

    To prevent slippage
    Get some narrow cardboard tubes and wrap rubber bands around them. Push the tubes down into the couch’s crevices on top of the sheet, and the bands will work to hold the sheets in place.

    Thank you, you got me thinking there’s away out of my brown sofa.

  10. Why is Valentina always on point with her design?? I've learned so much from this channel. I also find trends annoying because i used to be into them :). Since following Valentina I'm more comfortable just thinking of things that i love rather than trends.

  11. All neutrals are timeless and that includes beige, cream, white, off white, brown, black, etc. My blank canvas is always cream and beige and then I add colors on top of that.

  12. That’s so funny Valentina????you had to put down your cup of Joe so you could talk with your hands.
    It made me lol.
    That felt good ????

  13. Love your channel Valentina! Thank you x1,000 for making this video, it's hard for us non-designers to identify what is simply a classic piece, as all the design content online is driven by trends: what's coming in, what's going out, and how to/how not to do. But what is simply classic? Thank you again for touching on this topic!

  14. I don't follow trends. Especially some American trends are not so common here in Germany. Also such retailers like Weste Elm or Pottery Barn are not represented here. I prefer unique furniture and decor, which is really timeless. White walls are very landlord-friendly. And a white sofa… my dogs would re-decorate it very quickly with cute mud paws, funny snod prints and a lot of hair during the times of fur change (which, as we say, is once a year, but lasts 365 days for a German shepherd).

  15. Everything I bought a few years ago was immediately untrendy and minimalism was in so I forgo trends unless there’s a piece I like. I fell in love with HOV and started building a neutral palette of classic pieces. I photoshop drains, tech, cars, etc. out of my architecture pics so they are more timeless pieces. Cant wait to decorate a new home for the first time ever.

  16. It’s fun to see what the trends are, but I’m a fan of doing what I want to make my home comfortable and organized for me and my family.

  17. Yay Article sofa ???????? . Also your taste is exquisite, but I’d use those turquoise pieces somewhere outdoors in the summer for that “ Coastal” feel. I bring in a lot of aqua into my otherwise beige, white & brown room to brighten it up in the summer. Just small hits like a sea star glass coloured & shaped dish to put stones and shells or driftwood in. And as you say I switch out my winter decor pillow cases with a bright and sunny spring and summer vibe covers. I also adore blankets and really like the light but warmer blankets for summer.
    Fun as always- great content.

  18. And the black one ahhhhh it's out of stock but can wait! Great video as always, YOUR KILLING IT WOMAN.❤KATHLEEN

  19. Is this sponsored by Pottery Barn, West Elm or both? Newrly every single "anti-trend" product is from one of these two stores.

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