Antique Shopping Day with My Mom & Sister! ???????? // Garden Answer

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23 Replies to “Antique Shopping Day with My Mom & Sister! ???????? // Garden Answer”

  1. You can't film in "hide n seek" because they don't want to be seen! they're hiding. ????

  2. As I have said before, these are my favorite videos. I saw so many awesome things. Your mom is such a hoot.

  3. Omg reminds me of my mom, she says “get it!” as if she’s going to pay for the item and not me ????

  4. 7.16 – talking about Benjamin and his piggy bank – I have to tell you this story. When My son (now in his 30s) was just a little tyke, maybe 2 or 3, he had a pair of overalls with a pocket on the chest panel which made him learn the word "pocket". He wore it to church one Sunday and was asking anyone and everyone who would listen: "penny, pocket" and would hold out the top of the pocket. So precious. Thank you, Benjamin, for bringing back an adorable, fun memory.

  5. Love your shopping days!! Nothing like shopping with Mom and sister!! Always interesting to see what you have for lunch……Yummy

  6. I’m not sure why any store owner wouldn’t want free advertising from all you gals patronizing their establishment. The Red Barn knows that treating you gals with coffee and stuffed pastries means it will pay off with lots of five star reviews.

  7. I love my baskets!! Have a bunch of them.
    In the beginning they stained them dark like walnut. My big laundry baskets and a few others are the dark ones!! The rest (bunches) of them are the light weave. When my sons were getting married 23 years ago I got them both the picnic baskets But I had the tops hand painted, one spring and one fall with their names and wedding date tucked into the painting. They were given at their bridal showers. Then I filled them with the goodies for a picnic plus a bottle of wine. They love them!! Look up line the see the history and the really cool corporate building!!! ????????????

  8. What fun watching you, your Mom, and Monica shopping today! You all sound so much alike, in fact I couldn't help but grab and pen and paper and count the number of times you all described things the same way! Here is what I found: Pretty came in #1 with a total of 35; cute came in second at 27; followed up with fun for a total of 10.

    I also wanted to let you know about the history behind the Longaberger baskets. The Longaberger Company was founded in 1973 and was a family-owned and -operated company that used multi-level marketing to sell its products. In their hayday they had about 45,000 independent distributors (called Home Consultants) selling its products directly to customers. Along with baskets, the product line eventually included wrought iron products, pottery, wooden lids, and other products. I collected them in the 1990 and at one point owned about 70 baskets in different sizes and shapes. I still own the three baskets you saw at the antique shop. BTW, the liners come in handy.

  9. You and your sister LOOK like TWINS
    MOM ..LOOKs like the BIG SISTER
    ENJOYED …the ride along and
    Antique shopping
    FUN FUN FUN to share time
    with MOM ????????????????????‍????????????????

  10. That beautiful green glass bowl with the gold trim that Susan picked up looks like Uranium glass. It will glow bright neon green beautifully under light. I usually carry a 'black light' with me to check when I go antiquing or thrifting. These pieces will glow under a black light.

  11. ???? "Sherry Niles?" ???? I love y'all!! Thank you for sharing! These shopping trips have inspired me to hang out more with my Mom and sisters. We actually just took a small road trip to a garden center in a small town nearby this past Saturday and we all came back with lots of goodies. Now I want a truck so we can bring back more. ????

  12. Hogscraper candlestick is an early (c. 1780 – 1860) form of lighting device commonly used in 19th-century North America and Britain, and mainly manufactured in England. The device is manufactured of tempered sheet iron, wrought in several pieces and joined by metal joinery and silver soldering. The name is derived from the candlesticks resemblance to an antique device used to scrape bristles from hog hide after slaughter.

  13. My favorite videos! Vintage shopping with your Mom & Sister! Favorite finds….Butterfly bowl! Garden Cloche! & Angels silver footed bowl????????????❤️

  14. I always love watching when you three get together and go shopping. It tickled me how mom was ready to shop but came home empty handed…lol. Oh how I wish I still had my mom and sister here with me….you are so blessed.

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