APARTMENT TOUR 2016 // Rachel Aust

FINALLYYYY, welcome to our ‘new’ apartment.

I’ll link the furniture products below if I can find them:

Matt Blatt Replica Bar Stools: http://bit.ly/29OYyyA
DIY Low Lying Table Tutorial: http://bit.ly/29GNGl3
Noguchi Prismatic Coffee Tables: http://bit.ly/29yQXRn
Fluval Edge Fish Tank: http://bit.ly/29J7yD9
Super Amart Couch: http://bit.ly/29uKHba
Target Containers: No link
Freedom Bowls/Plates: http://bit.ly/29xDnNb / http://bit.ly/29GPSt4
Tall IKEA Glasses: No link
Zakkia Mugs: http://bit.ly/29J7uDl
Short Kmart Glasses: No link
White Daiso Containers: No Link
Glass IKEA Containers: http://bit.ly/29CvVTK

Ghost Chair: http://bit.ly/29szw3n
DIY Concrete Lamp Tutorial: http://bit.ly/29GNGl3
Freedom Desk: http://bit.ly/29xDEiS
IKEA Chair: http://bit.ly/29xDAjp

Replica Grasshopper Lamp: http://bit.ly/2a1JBpe
Anna Castelli Ferrieri Componibili: http://bit.ly/29yseOi
Eames DAW Dining Chair: http://bit.ly/29szbhd
Cooee Vase: http://bit.ly/29r3VDs

Anna Castelli Ferrieri Componibili: http://bit.ly/29yseOi
Menu Vase: http://bit.ly/29IGROy

Pillows: http://bit.ly/29uLwkm
Throw: http://bit.ly/29BkgoK
Freedom Lamp: http://bit.ly/29szJUm
Kmart Lamp: http://bit.ly/1q64xlw
DIY Bedside Table Tutorial: http://bit.ly/29xyiJQ

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14 Replies to “APARTMENT TOUR 2016 // Rachel Aust”

  1. This place is beautiful Rachel! I feel like you move so much 😂😂

  2. Beautiful…i followed u coz of this black n white scheme…i've coloured my walls white because of this..😂

  3. very nice 😲.
    remember that Jesus Christ love you and he want to become the saviour of your soul

  4. This is the 60th (yes, sixty-ith) video I have carefully watched on youtube FROM YOUR COLLECTION of SUPER WONDERFUL VIDEOS! always inspiring… both YOU and the style of your presentations. Looking forward to viewing more of them on youtube! BYE!

  5. Lovely Apt. So clear and Minimalist . You are Bless! Enjoy it! 🙏❤️👏👍🇵🇷

  6. Urghh,the couch though.if i were you im gonna pick a black one cause white can get messy easily

  7. Cause im still not on the right age to move out,i sadly cannot do this..yet.if i get my own house imma make it kinda like this🤣

  8. A minimalist with style dating a baseball-cap-wearing, computer-game-playing dude. Talk about opposites attracting…

  9. It doesnt look comfy or filled with warmth and love. It look cold and lonely. Hated it

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