Approach Anxiety Magic #11

“It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say something.”


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28 Replies to “Approach Anxiety Magic #11”

  1. Sound like a creep and say "pick a card and i wont tell you how kids are made"

  2. i dont know why this only has a few views. i mean this is definitely better than most of the other pranks here in youtube.

  3. I watched all the episodes just now, its long since ive laughed so hard. Please, you got to do more of it, its brilliant 😀


  5. easiest psychological card force to a woman… the fucking queen of hearts

  6. Pick a card (fan cards out but then put them back in your pocket) say oh sorry, no time, I left my baby in the oven

  7. Get an Extra a deck of card and Run into someone dropping all the cards and say BRO YOU WANNA GO pick a Card.

  8. scream "hey you pick a card or I'll stand in the road and wait for a car to run me over" and then start to cry like you mean it

  9. That last lady was blown away beyond reallity XD Queen of hearts ahahah XD

  10. Scream " I can't hold it in for much longer" and then say like you are about to shit yourself "so please pick a card fast"

  11. (nerdy voice) say ,,do you want to play yugioh,, and then correct yourself ,,um pick a card?,,

  12. (to another white person) "You're black. I'm black. Pick a card… KENNY WOULD'VE DONE IT!"

  13. go up to them a start to hump them and say(i am part dog a witch did this to me and the only to get rid of the spell is to pick a card) and don't stop humping them

  14. Im asian myself but im so annoyed how those asian people are all like "don't touch me, go away, I don't know you"…

  15. go behind them like you are having a gun(withhand) and shoot them infront of them then say take a card and that is the only way to escape

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