Approach Anxiety Magic #3 (ft. StuartEdge)

“How do I approach people to show them magic?” I tell them, “It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say something.”
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11 Replies to “Approach Anxiety Magic #3 (ft. StuartEdge)”

  1. Go to a cute girl and say in a sexy way "I'm about to hook you up in a magical moment" and then say in a good way "only if you pick a card".

  2. kneel to someone and say "will you marry me" in a quiet voice, while showing cards in their face, and if/when they don't pick a card, make a huge deal, and have a fit and shout "DO YOU HATE ME BECAUSE IM GAY?!?!?" (or something else like "because I live with my parents?!")

  3. Go up to a guy and kiss him on the cheek then say "pick a card or i will kiss u again

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