Approach Anxiety Magic #6 (ft. MrSafety)

“How do I approach people to show them magic?” I tell them, “It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say something.”
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28 Replies to “Approach Anxiety Magic #6 (ft. MrSafety)”

  1. I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED THIS MUCH ON youtube!!!!! 😀 This is so good… Have to watch all the episodes now 😀

  2. 2:24 that's a trip and roll XDXDXDXD typical wrestler lolololol, but this vid made my day lolololoololololollolololol

  3. 1:40 why are there two scenes with him and that same girl? Do they occasionally do more than one trick on the same person?

  4. That trip was the most over-exaggerated thing I've ever seen. And I loved it.

  5. 1:50 CLEARLY there is a connection between the two and karma tried to help them date each other. CLEARLY.

  6. Go up to a babe and say have sex with me later or pick a card and have sex with me

  7. omg the last with somebody gotta pick something as so funny xD hhaha nice !! 

  8. The ards are red before going to bed pic up a card this will bring your mind at wits end say it screaming

  9. cross your legs like you wanna pee and say ¨I really wanna pee but this trick is awesome and i dont you to miss it. HURRY OR IM GONNA PEE!!!

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