Aquascutum How To: 3 Ways to Tie a Trench Belt

Aquascutum How To: 3 Ways to Tie a Trench Belt

In this video, we’re going to show you three different ways to tie your trench coat belt.

Video by David McGovern, assisted by Diogo Atatini
Hair and makeup by: Raluka Jitariu

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16 Replies to “Aquascutum How To: 3 Ways to Tie a Trench Belt”

  1. I wear mine very simply, I the belt as intended then I just flip the end over and down. It’s very simple, no need for any major loops and such!

  2. No entiendo pero no hace falta con mirar e entendido todo like si estás igual????

  3. Just watch an old film noir mystery movie starring Humphrey Bogart. He knew how to wear a trench coat.

  4. Been looking for such a video! Thanks! I really love Aquascutum! Hope you guys will come to Singapore!

  5. Crystal looks very beautiful when she wears and ties her trench coat!!!! I love her coat!!

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