Are Dress Sneakers for Men Timeless, or Just a Trend?

We take a look at men’s dress sneakers and determine if they are a classic choice or just marketing hype:

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→ Script: Jack Collins
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Lukas Mooney
→ Supervision: Preston Schlueter & Jack Collins

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00:00 Dress Sneakers Introduction

The dress sneaker has been making waves in the world of menswear for a few years now. It should come as no surprise that the world we live in today is far more casual than it used to be. While there are undoubtedly items of clothing that remain timeless regardless of the decade, there’s no denying that history has shown us many victims of fashions, too.

00:50 What Is a Dress Sneaker?

Simply put, the term “sneaker” is far too broad and there are different types of sneaker styles under the umbrella term. A dress sneaker is a cross between athletic shoes and the more formal dress shoe.

01:42 What Makes Them Smart?

If we take a deeper look at a pair of these shoes, you’ll start to see why they’re called “dress” sneakers. They have: → a comparatively slim sole
→ flat laces in a horizontal bar style
→ they are typically constructed from finer materials that are associated with dress shoes
→ and they possess an elegant last shape

04:29 Do they fit into a classic wardrobe?

As a Gentleman’s Gazette viewer, I’m going to hazard a guess that you have a healthy love of classic style, just like us. The point is, for many years, sneakers and classic style haven’t mixed well at all. So, I get how it can be difficult to consider a pair of dress sneakers for your wardrobe.

07:12 Death of The Dress Shoe?

The dress sneaker is looking to be a fairly big player on the menswear scene. The important thing to remember is that style evolves over time. A perfect example of how style evolves is the black cap toe Oxford shoe.

08:28 Timeless or Trend?

In this case, we feel pretty strongly that they have big potential to be timeless rather than a trend. Of course, there are going to be those who don’t feel those dress sneakers are an appropriate addition to the realm of classic style. And that’s okay, we’re all allowed to have our likes and dislikes! The rise in popularity of dress sneakers looks to be following an established pattern of success.

10:02 Outfit Rundown

17 Replies to “Are Dress Sneakers for Men Timeless, or Just a Trend?”

  1. As one of the few remaining proponents for an authentic classic style within a casual world, I was surprised G.G. called sneakers timeless. What’s next, timeless athleisure styles? And dress shorts are for children or at the beach.

  2. I have slowly moved into the realm of dress sneakers. At first I considered them an abomination. I play tennis, cycle, and basketball and for all my adult life wore athletic shoes specific to each task. Casual and business casual to me still meant dress shoes and sneakers were for shorts or jeans at best. Seeing them in more and more settings made me curious enough to try. I would not go full dress sneaker at first, but instead a pair of Allen Edmonds trainers in both high and low tops, brown leather. My thinking was that I definitely did not want to confuse the look, if I had on a sneaker (trainer) I wanted it to be obviously such. Knowing that I would NEVER combine a suit with sneakers, I was admittedly intrigued with the idea of raising the ante to include a blazer and polo shirt. This required a raising of the shoe level and I went with a pair of shoes that tried to combine an oxford wingtip look with a sneaker. The materials included mesh nylon making a more casual look. Not bad and it elevated things beyond a "sneaker" look. Then, one of the premier high top white dress sneakers went on a tremendous sale and I took the opportunity to explore further. Now I had three choices of dress sneaker to choose from with three distinct levels of dressing up or down in this style and that works for me. I have since added just one more to allow me to go with jeans (dark denim or light), chinos and khakis, and even a linen look with blazers or sport coats and look the way and level I want with ease. The dress sneaker has now become an addition to my wardrobe and extended my casual look while looking relaxed, stylish and with great lines. The mixture especially breaking the look of a formal suit feels like a casual suit, without going with the magazine look of a formal suit with sneakers, I agree with you there. In closing, I am not at all surprised you give it the timeless nomenclature because of its widespread acceptance and popularity and the casualing of menswear to this effect in general.

  3. Surprise! I thought you were going to say Trend. I suppose it comes down to context- dress sneaks with a suit, that's a trend. But in certain contexts, I guess your arguments won me over.

    You think you know a channel… 😉

  4. Bro how do you not have a pair of Yeezy 350 v2 in here? That shoe goes with ANYTHING. Y’all need to step ya game up!!!

  5. I think calling them "dress sneakers" is a misnomer. "Minimalist" is more accurate, and that just happens to lend towards smart casual better

  6. I wear Thursday boots Sneakers (only with my bespoke plaid track suits) in white, black with white sole and heritage cacao.

  7. Exactly, the "dress" sneaker is really a relaxed-smart-casual variation on the general sneaker concept. There have been leather sneakers forever and most were rather plain-looking (what they now call minimalist) until gaudy coloring/patterning began escalating since c. 1980 because makers wanted their brand visible on the feet of athletes on TV. A pair of old school low-top Converse Chucks only had branding on the back of the heel… heck, if you are really going all the way full casual rather than "smart casual", there's times and places a pair of those is just swell FWIW.

    To me, a low top plain non-technical sneaker is what is a timeless design. What you do to elevate (or ruin) it is up to those making the design and marketing decisions.

    And good call on creating a category "those that only make you sweat financially". I mean, really…

  8. I think white minimalist trainers/sneakers look great with shorts and either a polo shirt or short sleeve shirt. They give a casual but well put together look. White trainers whether it be a Stan Smith from the 80s or a Common Projects of nowadays have always been popular. I think they're a casual classic.

  9. I've got a pair of Idrese white sneakers and they're great! 2 years old, worn 2/3 times per week and they're still going strong. They look worn in but still good

  10. Trend and they will only go as far as the work place but they have no place in true formality.

  11. I think they will become "timeless". They are the sneakers I always wanted growing up. Every pair of sneakers I cherished growing up were similar in design, although sometimes marred by a brand logo. I will say however that even so called "timeless" menswear pieces morph over time, so future gentleman's Gazettes may tell the tale of how the Derby dress shoe evolved. Or sneakers, and dress shoes that couldn't be repaired may become an abomination that future Gazettes will mock and ridicule our time for adopting.

  12. The sneakers were invented for the purpose of catching the killer of the Whitechapel monster who was killing certain women of bad repute , at first they put some rubber on the bottom of the bottom of the sole's of the constable shoes on hopes of sneaking up on him, therefore catching him or them in the act in which they never did. You can check out the vintage photograph's of early sneakers online.

  13. Thanks for sharing this video. I have a couple pairs of dressy sneakers that are perfect for the office I work in which is part of a manufacturing/assembly plant. I agree that dress sneakers are timeless. I enjoy the minimalist offerings of Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nike that I have found readily while discount shopping

  14. While I was watching this I was itching to disagree and was planning my comment that they could be combined with more classic wear but then you explained it fully and that a combination outfit of less formal jacket type was possible and I realised I agreed with absolutely everything you said including that they were likely to be timeless. People will wear them for comfort as well as contrast and also to mix up or combine styles these days as people are much more adventurous or daring in that respect!

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