Are Fake USB Storage Devices Still Around in 2022?

It seems like there are people who believe the passage of time will either turn these scams into truth, or make them fade away and be replaced by genuine items. The reality is sadly nothing like that. Let’s take a look at the prevalence of scam USB external storage in 2022.

If you want to test a device you have bought (it should be empty of files when you test it, because the process involves writing to it), here are some utilities:

H2TestW: (this is the author’s page, in German, but the download button is easy to find and the application has an option to install in English)
RMPrepUSB: (has a ‘quick size test’ option)
ChipGenius: (can identify the actual hardware, sometimes)
Fight Flash Fraud (F3):

18 Replies to “Are Fake USB Storage Devices Still Around in 2022?”

  1. USB C / USB 3 – Yes, I am aware these are not synonyms. I was expecting to open the device and find a USB type C connector soldered internally by 4 wires to pins providing an internal USB 1.1 interface as in the video linked below (which configuration would not possibly support USB 3) This is why I said 'MAYBE' the presence of a native USB type C indicates USB 3 functionality.

  2. Another use for isopropyl alcohol is to remove the ink from Amazon delivery labels.

  3. Brushing thing is interesting, I've had stupid small things sent and had no idea why. Now I do. Amazon need to get their act together.

  4. funnily enough, I literally just saw a post on Tumblr this morning about this very thing! :O

  5. i got mine a few weeks ago and i had to walk to a physical store because of the amount of scams

    also i hate usb c because its way too small. usb a is the perfect size

  6. Waiting for a scambaiting video where you spend 20 minutes cooking a scammer

  7. Is it a scam if you buy a genuine one and instead of 16Tb it has 14Tb, no But thats just how it is 🙁

  8. Haha, I was talking about it with my graphic design professor that was pretty tech savvy and I had to link him your old video for proof.
    I would say that once you know it you can spot them from a mile away but some of the comments prove me wrong… No wonder people STILL fall for this.

  9. Yes the scammers are still alive and well on Amazon. we always check them now. My son just had to return a couple to Amazon. Claimed to be 512 GB. Actually only 20. Convincing price, not under priced for the real thing.

  10. I'm curious, tell me if im wrong but with the micro sd on it, couldnt you tweak it and turn it into a rubber ducky?

  11. In Australia, methylated spirits is actually mostly ethanol. Not sure isopropyl would work if ethanol or methanol doesn't.

  12. I was really hoping for that little unmarked micro SD card to be a perfectly functional card with a comically low capacity. Disappointed.

  13. Always buy Sandisk, Samsung, Western Digital or an other well established brand. Less headaches

  14. LOL 1TB (whether HDD or SDD)/does not at all cost 18$ people are completely delusional.

  15. I've completely lost faith in buying storage devices from Amazon. Waaay too much risk of even branded products being fake. I'm happy to pay 20%+ more if it means I get what I'm actually paying for. So far I've not had any issues with stuff I've bought from more reputable retailers who specialise in those sorts of products. Honestly in most cases I don't trust Amazon for any electronic stuff at this point

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