Are you a 'Healthy' Perfectionist? #shorts

We tend to characterize perfectionism as a negative trait – something that blocks us from achieving our goals. But research has suggested that there are both healthy (adaptive) & unhealthy (maladaptive) types of perfectionism. ⁣Which type do you have?

Type 1: Unhealthy/Maladaptive/Neurotic Perfectionism 🚫⁣

With Type 1, you might:⁣
👉View perfection as the only route to personal acceptance⁣
👉Set impossibly high standards ⁣
👉Beat yourself up when you don’t achieve goals⁣
👉Procrastinate due to fear of failure⁣
👉Fixate on mistakes & be filled with self-doubt.⁣

Type 2: ‘Healthy’ Perfectionism ✅⁣

With Type 2, you might:⁣
👉Have a desire to strive for perfection⁣
👉Have high personal standards⁣
👉Work diligently to reach standards⁣
👉Gain a huge amount of satisfaction from achieving goals⁣
(Hamacheck, 1978; Enns, Cox, & Clara, 2002; Stoltz & Ashby, 2007) ⁣

I call Type 2 ‘striving for excellence’.⁣

While both types involve you setting high standards, with ‘healthy perfectionism’ you don’t beat yourself up when you ‘fail’ – instead, you focus on growth.⁣

Which type of perfectionism do you tend to exhibit more? 👇⁣


– Further Reading –

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  1. Thank you. This gave me enough motivation to continue my work 😃. You are awesome 😎.

  2. Please make a video tips on how to assess what career is a great fit based on personality type. Thanks

  3. This is very true. If we look too perfection, we procrastinate. Its better to get the job done.

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