Ashoka House, 1693 Malkin Creek Road, Bowen Island BC

Architectural zen like retreat nestled in the forest, steps to Bowen Bay Beach.This unique property is not to be missed!

16 Replies to “Ashoka House, 1693 Malkin Creek Road, Bowen Island BC”

  1. Toothpicks to a tornado – can't happen there. Fires from earthquakes and cuts from glass and wood could wipe out the cities you'd move to. Please come to Boston… … …

  2. What living with a c c p economy does when you sell out other Canadians for chi money

  3. This is a beautiful property. It almost has the feel of a short term guest rental where it would be nice to stay for a week get away, very nice indeed 🙂 $300 a night maybe

  4. Very nice, but it looks like it'll take a boatload of cash to to bring to it's best self. Kitchen is small and we didn't get to see the bathrooms. Not to worry though, there's always someone with deep enough pockets to take this on… and probably tear it down, clear the lot, and build their dream home.

  5. It looks beautiful but that is going to be expensive to clean and to heat. Not to mention I'm never going to be able to get anywhere quickly

  6. if I had money to buy it – I would buy something else outside of Bowen Island and outside of Canada and would had better climate, better quality of construction and much closer to everything else for much less money, lol. I have been on Bowen three time (just live really close), had good times, but no way I go there again – boring as hell and living there is super inconvenient. And those wood frame houses…. terrible crap…. just look at those low ceilings in this several million dollar mansion.

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